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    Picked it up around midday and I've listened to it (even listening to it now on full blast! stuff the neighbours, it's worth it for this amazingness lol)
    Needless to say, the album is unbelieveable! I am a HUGE N*E*R*D fan (possibly the biggest) and i NEVER thought any of their old material could be beaten but no lie...THEY'VE DONE IT!
    They're obviously sticking to their routes and have all their trademark sounds in there and still like to change the beat midway in their tracks to mix things up and chill you out then come back HARD! There's stuff you can really groove to and MONSTER off the wall insane house party material! Simply the PERFECT album!
    Simply put, as you all know, The Neptunes are GENIUS and we all know Pharrell knows what he's doing and any comeback from him should never be doubted, especially when it's N*E*R*D!
    BEST ALBUM EVER! Better than anything Kanye has done or will ever do! N*E*R*D deserve all the fame!
    I honestly have too much to say about it! It's so good, i could write a book on it so enough said, hit BUY and 'SEE' for yourself!

  2.  Not bad at all!!!


    I like this thing. I ordered one off here last week and I'm very happy with it.
    The battery however is a bit of a disappointment as it lasts nowhere near 14 hours. I know what you're thinking - 'everyone knows that and it just depends on the settings you have it on such as tirning the backlight off' - but I have had seven Ipod's now so I think I know what I'm talking about. NO I'm not rolling in dough but I used to have an Ipod Nano which I ended up selling because it kept breaking and I had to be shipped replacements all the time.
    I still think this is a great little toy and is good fun to have. Although I haven't gotten round to ripping any DVDs onto it yet, I have a friend who has and he has the entire first season of Lost on it and the video quality seems to be excellent from what I've seen. It isn't the kind of thing I'd like to watch movies on but some good stand-up acts and daft cartoons should suffice.
    Anyway... try not to be put off by my less than perfect rating but I am just rather critical of Ipod's after having had so much bother with them in the past.
    What are you waiting for then??? Just click buy... :D

  3.  Many words - All associated with FREAKIN' AMAZING !!!!!!! :D


    A mate invited me to see these guys the other night at Newcastle Uni so I went along to the gig not knowing who they were or having ever heard them but when I got there, the place was SOOO packed and people were SOOOO crazy that by the end the band were nearly drawn to tears and had to perform 'ONE LAST SONG' after the crowd kept chanting it at them and they said they usually don't do it but Newcastle had made them feel so welcome. They were really awesome and really deserve to be huge and if they're not I'll be gobsmacked.
    I saw them nearly 3 days ago now and I still have chronic tinnitis in my right ear... but it was WELL worth it!!!!!!!
    Buy the album - it'll blow you away (maybe literally) !!!!!!!
    (Check them out on YouTube and see for yourself - just picture them on your Ipod and imagine them being as good as that... x1000)