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  1.  not bad but not outright better than COD


    To sum up. Great engine all in all and the sound fx are pretty damn good. SP campaign dsnt deserve the slamming it gets from some critics. Sure its not original but its not bad at the same time. The multiplayer is bit of a let down to be honest, a fair few imbalnces in the game and even in "hardcore" mode your a bullet sponge. Even with the most powerful sniper rifle anything but a headshot will often require more 2 hits..........fair enough you might think if this was cod but why go to all the trouble to make the game feel realistic and include bullet physics (which are great) if you need half a magazine to kill some1. The destructo terrain is classic battlefield and makes the game more diverse but again, an RPG will happily flatten a reinforced concrete wall but not a set of metal lockers ................the game leaves me a little confused. Worth a buy if your a fan of the series, if not theres nothing special here.

  2.  great single player


    Great story line and deeply immersive in parts although the campaign is relatively short lived - about 5-7 hours on hardest setting if ur any good with FPS.

    Multiplayer is a little bit of a let down. Thumbs up for the new content but the lack of cmd prompts and the fact that you cannot host dedicated servers will undoubtedly leave some fans of the original cod4 feeling alienated

    Few other small gripes that I have with the game to but all in all its worth playing. If you like more arcade sytle shooter mulitplayer action then this may be for you, those looking for an element of realism may want to look elsewhere .