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  1.  Great gaming experience


    30 hours through the game and still a long way to go through the story. Enjoying this game like I haven't others for some time because of its style, gameplay and fun level.

    Personally not a big JRPG lover, but really got hooked up with this one. Offers the right level of challenge and will allow you to progress without grinding, especially if you opt to do the side quests.

    Loving it!

  2.  Massive game!


    Just received this game as a Christmas present and I must say that I got blown away with its size, scope and level of addiction. The game is massive with an impressive number of cars, tracks, events and play modes and will take ages to explore, let alone gold the events.

    The special events like karting offer a nice surprise and call for a readjustment of driving style. The regular races and driving licenses however are also a great challenge and great to get into. Online is fun and now will also net experience points (post patch).

    Overall, I am pleased with this game as I know that it will have a long life. Will spin in my PS3 for hours and hours!

  3.  Interesting read with a varied quality level


    The book makes an interesting read and is light enough to make good bed-time reading. I personally found the quality in the treatment of subjects varied:

    Physics and astrology: I found the chapters on these topics to be the highlight of the book. I am not a physicist myself so the attraction might hvae come from the accessible treatment of the subjects.

    Biology: Topics tackled in an insightful way, but not in a manner which I found sufficiently deep or satisfying. It really gave me the impression that there could have been more to go into.

    Psychology: This is my subject matter and I was completely let down in the treatment of subjects like the placebo effect. The treatment was higly superficial and lacking in depth.

    Overall I would recommend this as a read to the lay person interested in science topics, however for anyone interested in depth rather than breadth this will prove to be a limited (but enjoyable) read.

  4.  It's Uncharted baby!!


    Grabbed Uncharted 2 at this steal price. I am about half way through the single player game and I am simply amazed. The characters have depth, the stroyline is gripping and the visuals are wonderful!

    Gone is the screen tearing from the first one. Also the enemies are now more varied and have more personality. Overall it is miles ahead from its predecessor which was already a great game.

    Game of the year 09 for a reason. Pick this up!

  5.  The ultimate fighter!


    Being an old school SSF2T affecionado I could not resist getting my hands on this game. And what a delight it turned out to be!

    The game features the same depth and characters of previous iterations making it easy to delve into for someone with prior Street Fighter experience. There is also a well structured training and challenge area which can help you build up the skills needed to compete online.

    My performance online is not stellar but I am still having a good time and it is really easy to get into. The new characters, Juri and Hakan are also great fun to play. The good thing about it is that it you can still enjoy the experience even if just having 5 minutes of available time.

    Truly recommended!

  6.  Can't put the game down


    inFamous is a true gem.

    To be honest on first loading the disc I wasn't impressed. The initial scenes of the game are linear but obviously they are worked that way to get you get the hang of the controls.

    But once things get going they really get going! The city is a joy to travel and once you start building up your powers you will really get blown away. Gliding through the air with static thrusters, precision shooting and blasting around is just amazing.

    The storyline is catchy, in a comic book sort of way. The city breathes in a living way and it's amazing to get to see your own posters hung on the city walls! Really this is the game that GTA4 should have been - open-ended city travel that is FUN to play.