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  1.  Game mechanics that will change hack and slash genre forever


    Much like many franchises the last few months Metal Gear Rising tries something new and succeeds. It has done away with the tired old Snake and it's new posterboy Raiden takes the stage. Fast paced action is the fundamental element which has changed from previous MG titles. Stealth is no longer a key factor, a cyborg ninja that can stop a barge with his bare hands and cut anything in two with his blade isn't going to be creeping around in no box...........oh wait..... and the blade mode is a genius addition to the gameplay which will heavily feature in other hack and slasher for years to come. Its a short game but well polished. open your minds

  2.  I don't know if your up with current events.................


    I recieved the game on Saturday and was pleasently surprised. I bought Alien Vs Predator on day of release a couple of years ago and was disappointed but this game is quite enjoyable. The graphics are quite nice although sometimes the Aliens disappear and the animation is quite juddery in close combat. Music and sound is quite atmospheric and emerses you in the environments. The guns are very satisfying and you unlock them as you go through the game and level up. There are also 6 unique weapons to find from the movies I think with unlimited ammo so it also pushes the nostalgia button hard. Have only been playing through the campaign mode and haven't played online yet but I had played it online at a gaming convention last year and thoroughlt enjoyed the experience.

  3. $O$


    Die Antwoord - CD

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     Pure Liquid Wonderment


    Truely a Marmite Album, you either love it or hate it and I love it!!!! Totally unique album, there is nothing like this out there at the moment. Catchy chorus' that stay in your head all day.