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  1.  Awesome soundtrack for an awesome film!


    Album runs smoothly, near enough in film order, with quotes breaking up the tracks (but aren't actually individual tracks. Songs begin with them). Which is good in a way, as they remind you of what scene they're to do with.

    Best soundtrack I've heard in a long while

  2.  Back with a bang!


    Best album since White Pony, with sounds of that and Around The Fur thrown in. Kicks off with 'Diamond Eyes', which is a great opener, and carries on to 'Rocket Skates', which crowds the world over will love to be a part of. 6/5

  3.  Cannot wait!


    Golden rule had 30 listenings from me when i first got hold of it.

    The captain is not a good biffy song

    But born in a horse is awesome.

    Seeing them twice in the next month, show-casing some of this. Can't wait! Mon the biffy!

  4.  Optimus is back... and how!


    This figure is nothing short of awesome. It's a major improvement on the previous OP figure. Colour's are better than previous model too.

    Bot mode: He's lost a lot of weight and extra parts, and looks more film-esque. He's easier to pose, and in general, looks so much more 'there' as a robot.

    Truck mode: Not many major changes. Looks a little less 'bitty', Looks more like the film truck (it even has the proper back of the cab). So all round, looking better in every way.

    One quick note: I found it easier to change from Truck to bot than bot to truck. Bot to truck is fairly complex. But it's all part of the fun!

    This figure stands... the previous falls.

  5.  Not quite Biffy. But still very good!


    Ok, so this isn't Biffy Clyro. This is Simon Neil's side project. They've already done one album, and this is the follow-up.

    This is a review of pre-release, as I've had the album or a few weeks already from download. And it is very, very catchy. If you don't know what to expect, then let e tell you. It's not as fast or heavy as Biffy. It's very different. The beats are different, and sometimes, a little Radiohead like. Stand out tracks are 'Heartburn', 'Kid Gloves', 'Pandemonium', and the rest of the album.

    It's a really good album after a few listens. It sinks in and takes effect. Would love to see them live, personally.

  6. 300



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     Be a Spartan. Unmissable!


    A simply outstanding film. The scrubbed-up visuals put the icing on this already almighty feast of a cake

  7.  Utterly fantastic.... gone but won't be forgotten


    Heath Ledger's performance says it all about this film. Before the film came out, all the talk was about this being his last film. But, when you get to the end of this film, you will realise (if you didn't already) what a shame it is that he has passed on. This is the best way he could've gone. Gives The Joker that utter sick, dark edge that even Nicholson didn't deliver. Nicholson was a great Joker.... Ledger surpasses that by a huge gap.

  8.  Awesome.... simple as that!


    If this is your first PS3 purchase... prepare to be amazed. This is the standard of the best games this console can produce.

    Get ready for the war of your life!

  9.  This is gonna be huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!


    I was there.... I was there..... I was there on Saturday 16th June. I stood through stupid queues, on-off rain, pure sunshine, support bands, and without food and drink for 9 hours.... but hell was it worth it. Best gig ever, finally to be released on CD/DVD....

    ....did I mention I was there???

  10.  Puts the 'head back where they belong


    This album is outstanding. Every song is a gem. Thom Yorke's voice is at it's captivating best. Brilliant opening track in '15 Step', and a great foot-tapper near the end with 'Jigsaw Falling Into Place'.

    So.... what are you still reading for? It should already be in your basket (if it's not in your collection already!)!!