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  1.  Not perfect, but some great moments.


    This documentary is a must see for fans of Ginger Baker. Director Jay Bulger does come across as a bit of a dork and asks Ginger some predictable questions, but the responses are often hilarious! Perhaps that was Bulger's point - to wind Ginger up. There are some great vintage clips (not long enough, but they never are). Ginger's moan that he is skint doesn't hold water at all, as he lives in a gated villa with a brand new top of the line Range Rover and also has a big stable with 20 plus horses! My main gripe with the movie is the infuriating animation sequences which seem to blight so many documentaries theses days. I blame Julian Temple. They add nothing to the watching experience and only belittle which ever subject is being discussed. Animation is throwaway by its very nature and it unfortunately makes the subject throwaway (sometimes the subject can be moving or dramatic and animation can only trivialise the point being discussed). The interviews with wives and children prove the most revealing (and heart breaking in the case of Ginger's son). So not perfect, but very entertaining in the main.



    I was so looking forward to this movie, but within fifteen minutes I was worried at the alarmingly slow pace and lack of tension. Unfortunately if anything, the pace then slowed down. The photography has a 'gloomy greyness' to it and a rather depressing feel all around. The acting is all right, but nothing more, as the script didn't demand anything other than ordinary. The suspense is virtually zero, which is surprising given the story. Even the ending lacked any suspense or drama, and I couldn't wait for the movie to finish. This movie thinks it is very clever, but it certainly isn't. A real waste of money and more importantly a real waste of two hours plus (it felt like six hours). OVERRATED.

  3.  Gripping movie with a great story.


    I expected the usual rom-com nonsense, but was very pleasantly surprised at this film. It took unpredictable twists and turns and had genuinely moving and laugh out loud moments. I didn't want it to end in fact. And for once, the leading pair actually have chemistry with each other. Excellent.

  4.  Ridley Scott has got the 'feel' of this movie spot on.


    A beautifully shot and excellently paced movie which grips from beginning to end in my opinion. Getting the 'feel' of the Alien quadrilogy was very important and Prometheus gets it spot on. The supposed 'strong female lead' wasn't very strong in all honesty, but this is a very minor quibble from an otherwise brilliant two hours. Enjoyed the ending too.

  5.  A staggeringly good concert film of the Stones at their peak


    I have just viewed this film at the cinema and I cannot wait to buy the DVD. The sound is amazing, perfect in fact and punchy as hell. The setlist is fantastic and contains many gems which surpass the studio versions. The modern day interview with Jagger is interesting enough, but not a segment that requires repeated viewing, just go straight to the concert! The only slight niggle (and it is slight) is the picture quality and camera work. The picture has been cleaned up remarkably well, but it is very much of its time containing a little grain. The camera work can get a little blurred and shakey at times (and dark), but it cannot spoil a brilliant film of the Rolling Stones at their absolute live peak in 1972. 5 out of 5.

  6.  Overated without a doubt, but worth watching once.


    Another so called 'classic' which doesn't really deserve that description. The acting from all the cast is excellent, but the story never really 'grips' as it should and I found myself waiting for the end to come. Worth watching once, but I doubt you would repeat the viewing.

  7.  Fascinating film, definitely worth seeing.


    Considering this is all just rehearsal footage, it holds together remarkably well. Michael is still dancing really, really well for a 50 year old. His singing isn't so good, but he is holding back for the actual concerts at the O2. We learn absolutely nothing here about Michael the person, but just watch and listen and you won't be disappointed.