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  1.  A very fun racing game with more to offer


    Since the PC has now got the Burnout games on them you can play one of the best driving games around. It's not all about the best racer it's also about taking out your oponents or avoiding being taken out yourself. You can't drive on real roads like this so it is all the more fun doing it on this. Slam people into a wall or jump off a motorway onto a road a long way below, it all happens here.

  2.  The PC answer to Grand Tourismo


    If you don't have a Sony Playstation and you like the idea of the Grand Tourismo games this is what you should get.

  3.  the best value set of games ever


    Just the Half life games are fantastic Value.
    When you add Team Fortress 2 and Portal you begin to think you should have been paying for three games not 1 box.
    Everyone has talked about Half Life 2 but my fave is Team Fortress 2. Imagine running around in a cartoon that looks like the incredibles. Blowing people up or getting blown up it's just fantastic.

    To just make things a lot harder so you can't decide what to do they added Portal so 3 games all deserving of 95%+ rating in any games magazine in 1 box.

  4.  A must have for any First person shooter fan


    This game uses the Half Life 2 engine. It is the best FPS game that allows plug-ins.
    You want your terroist to look like Elvis,
    you want a cool looking gun,
    you want to look like the man with no name
    or James Bond while you do your thing.
    Well if there is a mod out there to do this and there are, you can. The unaltered game is just great. The team play is great and you can make the PC controlled Bots as clever or stupid as you like.
    If for some very strange reason you find yourself getting bored with it you can spice it up with some add ons. The best part however is being able to play with your mates as a team or just hunting them down since they chose to be on the wrong side.

    The graphics are film like the whole experience is well ahead of the competition.

  5.  What can I say another Must Have from Valve


    Like everyone else I have played the Demo and Loved it and have just ordered my copy from Play ahead of the 20-11-09 release date.

    The gameplay is great the graphics are great but the team playability is there as it always was but with more Mele attacks and the different things you can use, I think it's got even better. As a ream people will adopt new roles and enjoy it all the more. Where else can you use a frying pan or a guitar to kill the undead. The sound of a frying pan when you whack a zombie to death just brings a smile to your face. As always subtle elements to this game add to it. After a few weeks play you will still be noticing things you had missed.
    if you have not played other Valve games just take a look.
    Have you tried Team Fortress 2 or Portal. if you have a PC have you heard of Half life or Counter Strike.
    I don't work for Valve but I sure wish i did.