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  1.  Why did we have to wait so long...


    After playing and enjoying the first Sniper Ghost Warrior game I was extremely hopeful that the 2nd release would bring great things. I'm afraid to say it doesn't. The game play is virtually the same throughout the levels apart from the odd mission where you lose your sniper rifle and so on. But the thing which really disappoints me is how short the game is.I had finished it it less than a day which for a game which we've had to wait so long for is quite a let down. Graphics are ok and the game is enjoyable but not enough variety and too short a game for the price.

  2.  Awful. Avoid Like the Plague


    My brother received this game today after pre-ordering and waiting many weeks in anticipation. He told me that it wasn't very good so to see for myself I went and tried it out and I have to agree with him, It's shockingly bad. The graphics look like a very early PS3 game and the gameplay is slow. I would have given it 1 star but I will admit on playing I was a bit jumpy, so the original 'Aliens' scare factor feel is there but once the Aliens appear it's just another boring shoot em up game. What a let down.

  3.  Great Little Vacuum Cleaner


    I have just purchased the Dyson DC35 cordless vacuum and on using it for the first time, as a little test, I was amazed by how much dirt and dust it picks up. The vacuum itself is lightweight, easy to assemble (attaching all the different tools, extensions etc.) and use.

    However, the only slightly negative points I will make is that because it is cordless, the battery time is only 15 minutes on a full charge, which is fine for me as I only live in a small flat but I don't think it would be suitable for a large house. But saying that some of the bigger Dyson's would be great for larger jobs. Also on my first full clean, I found to get a bit of cramp in my hand from having to hold down the trigger for so long.

    Overall this is a fantastic vacuum which I would certainly recommend for any small household.

  4.  Great game but a bit short


    I have just finished the story mode of Driver San Francisco and I really enjoyed it although the game story is a bit strange. However my real major disappointment is the game's main story is too short. OK there are loads of small side missions to complete like the driving dares and races but I think after a couple of days playing those the game sort of loses it's excitement and appeal.

    Overall the graphics and detail are excellent, the gameplay isn't too bad with the 'shift' ability which I thought would ruin the whole 'driver' element to the game but it doesn't. If the makers could have made the story longer then my review score would have been more stars.

    I also have the collectors pack which comes with extra missions and a cool model of Tanners' Dodge Charger' car which sits nicely below my PS3.

  5.  It's good, but not that good


    I bought Heavy Rain on the basis of all the good reviews it had and when I saw the television advert it looked very impressive. How disappointed I was when I actually played the game. Don't get me wrong the graphics and movie sequences are excellent but personally I feel that there just isn't enough gameplay and you don't get involved as much as I'd liked.There are also a few other annoying 'glitches' to the game such as how the main characters which you control can't run.

    However, after saying all the negative points about the game I think the storyline and addictiveness to the game are excellent. It's defently a game worth playing but I feel it was just a bit too overhyped and lots of the reviews have been too generous.