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  1.  not that good


    the bass is terrible

    ok at the price would be very disappointed if id paid RRP

    other than the bass no major complaints but definitely not worth the 5 stars being awarded by most.
    build quality is reasonable and the 30m range is questionable

  2.  very dissapointing


    I dont understand all the amazing reviews about this game. Its not even as good as most wanted which is 5 years+ old!!!!!

  3.  big let down


    After reading the first few pages i thought this book was going to be brilliant - it isnt.

    The first section is very good and gives an insight into his life and how its changed.
    The second section is basically just about politic campaigns and stem cell research. Its quite intersting but becomes repetitive.

    i didnt finish the third section becasue it goes on about his views on religion and quickly became very boring!

    I found it hard to empathise with him becasue despite having PD he still lives a very priviliged life. Mixing with the who's who of US culture, holidaying in top destinations via private jet and all with his brilliant family

  4.  Great phone for anyone who likes the outdoors


    I cant recommend this phone highly enough to anyone who wants a basic rugged phone.

    Looks and feels great, torch and lanyard hole are nice features as well.

  5.  great lyrics


    This is one of the best rap albums ive heard in ages.

    Saw him live and liked a couple of songs but they dont really transfer all that great to stage.

    Its not cars/guns/women its just day-to-day stuff. But the wordplay is excellent and a great listen

  6.  Hilarious


    Very funny routine. Although i've heard several of the jokes before it all the new stuff had me in stitches

  7.  Very Funny


    Plenty of new material and most of the time its absolutely hilarious.

    only negative would be the DVD extras are pretty rubbish

  8.  Much better than i thought it would be


    A very good album.

    Turn it Up, Mamma Du and Cry Me out are the stand out tracks but everysong is pretty good.

  9.  A little Boring


    The turntable is good quality and game is well polished

    Its easy to get into and harder settings should prove a worthy challenge for anyone.

    The song choices wont be everyone taste although there is plenty of them.

    Multiplayer is pretty much non existent (although you can attach a guitar hero guitar) and unfortunately the game isnt as addictive as id hoped.

  10.  Best choice


    This laptop is amazing. Performance and build quality far exceed the £400 price tag.

    Windows 7 is basically a much improved version of XP (everything that works before still works now)

    Exceptionally happy with this purchase and would recommend to anyone.