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  1.  Very cute film !


    I admid the whole story is not very original and like parody movies like 'Scary movie' this movie obviously took lots of ideas from other movies. Still I think it's done in an original way or at least original enough to have a predictable but very enjoyable movie as the result. The 3D is excellent and after reviews I read I didn't expect much of this film so what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be !

  2.  What a surprise !


    Wow, I expected a comedy like "Harald & Kumar go to White Castle" but instead this was a 'real' movie, very well written and completely from the stoner's point of view. I have to admid I saw the movie in that condition and it all made so much sense, hahaha ! While stoned myself all actions of the characters (even the extremely dumb ones) completely made sense so that's VERY well done !

    Get together with friends, fill your pipes and laugh away !
    By the way - "Flushed away" is equally amazing for that kind of activities...

  3.  Kiss are back with a BOOM !


    After the succes of "back to the roots" CD's of AC/DC (Black ice) and Metallica (Death Magnetic) that proved to be mega-sellers Kiss jumped onto the same idea and will release their new album as a whopping 3-disc set ! Kiss always added extra's in their 70's (vinyl) albums like posters and stickers and now with CD we get a rocking new album along with a 20 page booklet, a disc of Kiss Klassiks that were re-recorded by the current line-up last year for the Japanese market and a DVD that will give people that are unfamiliar with what this band does live a good taste of what to expect on tour. Fans will be able to proudly watch their heroes live like they know 'em: hard, loud... an audio / visual spectacle.

    And I suppose "Audio visual spectacle" is EXACTLY what you will receive with this release.

    Order now - satisfaction guaranteed !

  4.  At last on Blu-Ray ! Perfect transfer !


    Nothing should have to be said about the movie itself; it's a must-own, must-have-seen movie. I had this on VHS, Laserdisc, anniversary release laserdisc, DVd, anniversary release DVD and now -at last- on Blu-Ray.

    I couldn't believe the quality ! The movie looks and sounds as if it was a recently made movie... I was totally blown away !

    Movies transferred like this to Blu-Ray make it worth buying all the favourites that I already own on DVD again. On Blu-Ray, this is a whole new experience all over again... I've seen this movie a zillion times... but never as bright and perfect like this.

  5.  Amazing Grace... Jones


    It took 19 years to have a new Grace jones album released. Was it worth it ? Oh yeah ! Concentrate 19 years of quality into 9 tracks and the result is "Hurricane". Warm, Jamaican feelings, uplifting beats, summer breeze, beaches at sunset, African forests... Just a few images that come to mind when listening to this album. Highlights: This is, Sunset sunrise and corporate cannibal. Do yourself a favour: buy this album !!!

  6.  What makes this release special ?


    The previous remaster with bonus tracks was a real treat ! I wonder what makes this release worth buying the album again... If the DVD only has the 3 videos that have been released a zillion times before than I'm passing on on this release. BUT... if the DVD has the album in 5.1 audio with the 3 bonus videos than this will be a MUST-HAVE. Let's see what it'll be...