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  1.  Sublime movie... special DVD lesser so.


    When I saw Kick Ass at the cinema, I found myself enjoying almost every minute, and I was left with a feeling that made me want to go back and experience it all over again. It's not the most believable story, and often has moments where it feels like it's existence was merely to shock the audience and push the bar, but thankfully, it was written and directed so well that it turned out to be so much more.
    So of course, I was thoroughly looking forward to it's DVD release, and even more excited when I saw that Play.com had their own special edition of it. Upon arrival of the DVD, I felt slightly disappointed. The concept is a good one - what you receive is a cardboard sleeve with a hole in the front. In this hole, you can see the image of one of the interchangeable art cards, which fit snugly alongside the DVD itself in the sleeve. Sadly, the manufacture quality of the sleeve wasn't that great a quality, and the texture of the cardboard looks as though it would be easy to see scratch marks, since printing imperfections can also be clearly seen. I may sound nitpicky here, but the way the box is folded also leaves some clear imperfections, as does the cutting of the side of each of the art cards, and the hole in the front of the box, which also have a couple of small tears. Since the art cards already snazz the box up, it would've been nice to have the standard box art for the DVD itself, at least as a reversible sleeve, but the cover art is the same as the one on the art cards, which seems a little pointless to me.
    Another disappointing aspect about the DVD is the special features on offer, of which comprise of a featurette and a commentary. In comparison to the 17.99 version which includes not only further special features, but also a copy of the film on Blu Ray, the amount of special features on offer here are a big disappointment.
    All in all, the quality of the box and special features on offer don't do the film justice, and instead serve as a very small compliment to the movie, which, on it's own, is one of the best films this year.