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  1.  Review from a casual gamer


    I never played the original game on which this is based so Im afraid I can t draw any comparisons between the two but I can say that this is definitely a great game.

    The turn based approach is a nice change from the usual frantic pace of many modern games allowing the time to think and plan a bit more and the occasional -zoom in- to a cut scene of your soldiers sprinting into cover creates a nice illusion of more involvement in the battlefield.

    There are plenty of options for strategic choices in terms of the modules to build for your base, the perks for each soldier, research products, weapon enhancements and so on and since you are nearly always strapped for cash you simply cant do all of them. This means that you will not just end up with a group of near-invulnerable uber-soldiers that cant lose. Basically dont get too attached to them as some will unfortunately pay the ultimate price.

    For me games really come down to one final question:- is it fun? The answer has to be an absolute yes! After a few hours play I am usually thinking along these lines - Just one more scan for aliens then I will stop, Just one more research project then I will stop, I will just wait until this soldier has recovered then I will stop. This goes on for another hour (or two) before I finally realise the time and eventually stop.

    I do, however, agree with the previous review about the -casual tactical action game-, it is not a full on micro-managing affair. But, for me, this is exactly what I want as I dont necessarily have the time to invest in massive scale strategy games anymore like I used to ( a few years ago I would spend days playing the likes of Shogun, Medieval Total War, Europa Universalis, the Anno series etc)

    One final point, as an added cool (well I think its cool) feature, if you play on an Alienware Laptop with AlienFX (as I do) then the game overrides your AlienFX settings and changes the keyboard colours between red and blue depending on whose turn it is, genius!

  2.  The game just does not work


    This game is soooo full of bugs and glitches that it just simply should not yet have been released. If you dont believe me then just google "fable 2 freezing" and see what I mean. There is a huge 23 page thread on LionHeads own community forum detailing the hideous problems with it freezing, not running and even causing the RRoD on many machines, including mine.

    I am sure the game is great if you are lucky enough to be able to play it, think twice before purchasing or at least wait a few weeks until it is all patched up.

  3.  A very sweet film


    I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this film. It is so refreshing in these days of massive budgets, big explosions and expensive special effects to see how simple film making really can to be. Absorbing and quirky...funny (laugh out loud in places) and sad but with the happy ending (my wife was blubbing freely at the end). Highly recommend it.

  4.  Honestly.....disappointed


    Okay, graphics - beautiful. Sound - awesome. 2 player co-op campaign - fantastic....WHILE IT LASTED! My wife and I are not hardcore gamers and only play a few hours in the evenings and we still completed the whole thing in about 5 days. It is just waaaayyyy too short, just when everything is getting really exciting...it just stops. Thats it. I have to say that the plot was also very...well...dodgy in places too, like they didnt really know where they were going to go with it. So if you are just buying it for you and your partner/friend to play the co-op game i would seriously recommend waiting until it has come down in price, it is just not worth the 40 odd quid.