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  1.  This is so good I had to limit the time people were playing


    Advantages: fun, keeping fit, good for you, family fun

    Disadvantages: none

    The wii fit has been keeping me happy for quite a while now, but eventually when you have played and tried all the games within it eventually it gets left in a box behind the sofa, for 72 days according to my wii fit. So when i saw the Wii Fit plus was for sale I pre ordered it straight away, it gives a much needed new enjoyable boost into the what was already great wii fit.

    There are many extra fun things to do whilst getting fit with the Wii Fit Plus in my opinion. One of the great things is that it transfers all of your data from the wii fit easily and quickly in one click. You can now weigh your babies and pets on this. There are three new yoga moves - Spine extension, gate and grounded V. Three new Muscle workouts - Balance bridge, Side lunge and Single leg reach.

    However there are two new sections which I find great these are the Training plus and My Wii Fit Plus. Firstly the Training plus section this has 15 new games that work on your body and your mind.

    Perfect 10 - where you have to use your hips to bump the numbers around you to add to 10, sounds easier then it is trust me, great fun with mind and body.

    Cycling- You use the balance board to step on and move forward, and the Wii remote for the staring, once you have tried this a few times you can cycle round the island collecting the the 13 flags on your way before making it back to the start line.

    Rhythm Kung Fu - This is great fun using the balance board, remote and numchuck to copy what the other people are doing behind you, whilst keeping in time to the music.

    Driving Range- In all honesty i found this my most difficult but then I am no good at golf in reality either, you use the remote as a club and have to swing just so to get the ball in. One I feel I will need to work a lot harder on :).

    Sergway Circuit - yes you are on a segway and like the cycling you use the board and remote, whilst leaning backwards and forwards. You have to pop the big balloons as quickly as possible before they change to a mole like thing that makes you loose points. The last balloon is attached to one of these moles that runs round and turns when you least expect it, so is much trickier to catch in the time given.

    Bird's Eye - Bulls Eye - You are a big bird/chicken and you only use the board flapping your arms up and down to hover over large targets which you must land on to gain points. Some are harder then others with different pint levels on each target, once you have done them you must get safely to the ship before your time run s out. This is loads of fun and even better to watch someone else!

    Snowball fight - A winner with my son this game you are behind a shield with 3 lives you must quickly throw the snowballs at others without being hit yourself. This works on timing and agility. This is good fun but I found it a little easy, however once you have mastered this and others you unlock harder levels which adults will find more challenging.

    Obstacle course - A new family favourite this has a mix of lots of different moves, you have to work your way through the obstacle course without falling, getting hit or squished, had my youngest in stitches, good fun.

    Tilt city - This one needs good co-ordination and a good sense of timing. you use the remote as your main tilter, then each side of the board as the lower two. The idea of the game is to get the correct coloured balls into the right coloured pot at the end, there are bigger balls with miis on and if you get them the face lights up like fireworks. This is quite a tricky one but good fun once you get the hang of it.

    Rhythm Parade - Like it sounds you lead a parade and mar