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    This game is breathtaking, first of all thanks play came a day early :D.

    The main story line takes about 16 hours ish which some people might consider not very long but once you have completed it, the fun only just begins.

    If not completed already you have a total of 49 faction missions to complete at east i think theres many could be more, like 300 odd locations again probably more and each city/armybase/airport/miltaryairport etc you can get 100 percent in by blowing up key elements of the city, collecting crates, bringing down statues and killing colnel's. Also there are like 300 faction items to collect all across the map.There are 2700 crates i beleive and 50 colnels .

    Last thing the thing i love best about this game is the grapple, it bring endless fun, you can use it as a method of transport combined with parachute, used to get to rooftops and in combat you can tether men to the ceiling with it or throw them of the roof of a skyscraper its just absalute brilliance.

    This game has alot to offer. It will keep me occupied id say for at least 2 months and i probably still wont have completed it. p.s i might of missed some stuff out, JUST GET THE GAME YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!

  2.  It's just not COD


    i have every single COD game out there for the 360 and quite frankly this one sucked. Yes the campain was good but it was also short, spec ops is no where near as good as nazi zombies and onine play is just well ridiculous.

    Now im not just saying this because im doing bad on multiplayer, infact i have a 1.7 K/D and prestige 1 but im saying it so you wont be let down.

    The online system includes:-

    Age range-starts at 5 quite litterally

    Abuse- party chat is not allowed in majority of game modes, causing players in some cases aving to unplug there mics just so they dont have to listen to RACIST and other types of abuse.

    Tactics- You now have a whole load of new kill streaks that you can choose from but people either boost for them in a match or they camp.
    Another common set-up is the commando perk and lightweight perk which mean someone can sprint around the map at the speed of light and and jump towards you with a knife like superman, its just not realistic and not cod.

    Cheats-There is alot of ingame boosters that i have seen, a couple of people have mentioned about this already on other reviews. People letting the other player get kills for a nuke(25 kills streak) either for some pathetic emblem that they dont deserve or for w/l. Also there are people who have hacked the game so they can somehow go into a match and get one kill for one prestige, and i know this from various sites showing you and the amount of messages i get from recent players asking if you if you would like to do it for money (i report them and nothing happens). Although few there are mods out there that modify there health, damage etc so be warned.

    That pretty much concluded my review on COD and one more thing the new map pack is coming out yes it has 5 maps (2 of which they had to do no work for) i think but 1200 MP is extortionate price considering 10 quid for 5 maps when you pay about 30-40 quid for the game which includes a campaign, spec ops and loads of maps. But hey this review isnt about the new maps its about COD not being up to expectations and standars. If you ask me COD 3 was the best, it was just so much fun nobody played for k/d, then WAW was also great fun but nowhere near as good as COD3