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  1.  multiplayer review


    it's simply great, people die easier and hardly any lag. Maybe if they just fix the respawn positions a bit better it would help. Apart from that though it's realy good.

  2.  no puzzles???


    No!!! But why?? no puzzles, bad camera, very repetetive and rubbish AI. 2 stars for the graphics.

  3.  Just gets better....


    Just when you thought they coudn't top number 2. Its superb in every way. The graphics aren't too diferrent from the previouse one but still stunning. The story is jaw dropping!!! Its worth every penny

  4.  Not a resi game....


    This game was made so it can annoy people. What a let down. The graphics are good (thats why I gave 2 stars). The ai is horrible. The bosses catch you in a corner and then there's a invisible barrier that doesn't let you move. Humans need like 1000 bullets to die even though you shoot them in the head. Wait for resi 6

  5.  gta and heavy rain combined


    very well done. will take hours to finish. worth getting the complete edition. The only bad thing is there's no free play in the game. The rest are just great.

  6.  good but...


    Its requires akot of soace to play 2 pkayers and some 1 player games. Crazy babbits are fun though. Good for friends. Not worth the price. Wait untik it gets cheaper

  7.  heavy rain and gta had a baby while taking steroids


    Brillliiiiaannt!!! This is the best game game of 2011 by far. Worth ever penny

  8.  can't believe I paid for this!!!! same as mw2.


    Huge annoying maps, full of snipers, no barebones, players need like 30000 bullets to die, u respawn infront of snipers. Just stick to black opps!!! See u on nuke town!!!

  9.  No!!! No!! No!!!


    Number 1: I slept for a good 20 minutes in the cinema

    Number 2: I nearly cut m wrists!!!

    Number 3: Better than 1 and two (the only reason I gave it 2 stars), 3 minutes of a good fight and in this one you can see how much of a wuzz Edward is. And the girl is such a bad actress it's embarassing.

  10.  Not for everyone and not for me


    The only reason I gave it 2 stars was for the graphics. The first 20 minute video annoyed me for starters and then when the game started(3 min fight) the graphics reminded me of a ps2. The typing letters on the bottom put the cherry on the cake. For a second I thought I was playing the second Monkey Island game on the atari. I traded this game the next day I got it. If you like very long videos and little fghting that will remind you of Streets of Rage on the megadrive i'll suggest this.