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  1.  Shift2 Simulator.....NOT Arcade...


    Okay im going to save this game as so many people are slating it, and they clearly have no idea how to play the game or what their getting into when they buy this game. First off this game is a Simulator not an arcade style racer, if you don't know cars very well then buying this game is like jumping into the deep end of the pool when you can just about swim.

    People always complain about the steering, You HAVE to tune your car's in this game.. you have steering lock which adjust sensitivity e.g if your on a map with loads of bends you put it higher map with less bends lower, it adds more depth to the game instead of here's your car take it.

    Among tuning there is ride height toe-in, toe-out suspension, downforce etc etc etc if you don't know what im on about either get revising or just spend a lot of time on the game. People are slating this game, and they clearly know sweet FA about cars let alone the game. This game offers a thrilling experience helmet cam is brilliant it add's a whole new perception to driving games, the car's are limited but there's already DLC out to buy more car's it's a cheap game tbh i got myn for 20 quid brand new from game.

    **BTW** You do not HAVE To tune your car's however tuning them will add to performance and better handling etc. If your going to believe one person believe me i am level 18 on driver level i haven't completed all race's i bought a supra and Upgraded it loads, then tuned it to drift, then again for track based racing. - I said it all their, the people that complain about the driving on this are just used to the arcade style NFS, this game is more realistic more thrilling than GT5 ever was. Sure you can't change your oil but i really couldn't care less..

    You can customise the way your car looks if your wondering add vinyls it is limited in this one but after all it's a track racer not street, the vinyls are good you get some decent brand ones then stripes, tribal, checkered, cartoon etc.

    Honestly if your going to get this game ignore all the BS about steering, give the game a chance tune your car even if you don't know about it all the game gives a nice short and descriptive piece of info on each bit, i had to tinker with my car for ages to get it spot on which makes the game far more personal.

    If you don't like helmet cam btw there is also a driver's seat view thats similar but your not seing through his eyes more or less where the drivers head would be.

    Give this game a chance, it is amasingly brilliant, i started off with the BMW box standard then got BMW M3 as i kept the first one which i think was an M6 for a decent time. I tuned it then raced and got my supra. This game offers race,eliminator, hot lap and ofc DRIFT there are more. So yer don't believe the people QQ about how shift 1 was better shift 2 is a whole new game it's like getting peter parker then the spider biting him SHIFT2 is spiderman SHIFT1 is basic old PP, But remember on this game with power does come responsibility you can't go slamming through bends in this game, its realistic its gripping, it makes you sweat shout NO as your car slams into a bend and most of all LOVE IT.

  2.  Red Dead Review!


    Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar. Cowboys Street Shoot Outs. Taming Horses. Skinning. Thats all i really need to say.

    This game offers a massive story line and world it really throws you in making you feel like the good guy or the bad guy..or the lone wanderer...the choice is yours. This game has an amasingly long story line which i haven't seen in years now. The price is Amasingly low for what this game is worth id still reckon 25 - 30pounds.

    The Online is amasingly fun shoot outs at the beginning dominating whoever you choose with a bullet to the head. Then whatever game you choose. Levels unlock new avatars or people you play as..weapons and mounts.

    The story line is basic. Your a man looking to settle down, but ofc its not your time. Thrown into the Wild West you have to prove to yourself are you Cool Hand Luke or The Yella Belly that walks away and goes kill some innocent animal instead ?.

    Based on the GTA episodes this game offers horses instead of cars ofc. Tame which ever horse you fancie from the stable horse to the mighty stallions. Quest when you want, in the mean time gamble hunt, skin and earn money through many various things.

    This game offers crisp graphics to the end, pure gameplay no major glitches and barely any minor ones. You will never get bored of this game. Ofc Rockstar couldn't let it pass as you progress through this game you unlock new areas which give access to new weaponry and animals to skin.

    Ammo and money aren't the easyiest thing in this game. You can't run into a room either and shoot everyone down. This game requires thought and abit of commonsense. However the gameplay will keep you going for hours on end.

    DLC: My favourite DLC Is the Undead Nightmare. Offering zombies galore you cannot hate this add on. Ammo is very scarce and you must conserve it. Undead Horses the 5 apocolypse ones. i'll let you find that one out for yourself. Zombies only drop with a headshot or the blunderbuss. Well unless you want to waste ammo on the bodyshots. This add on offers so much fun and even more Hours of gameplay. for the mere price of 9pounds on PSN or 15-20 on disc.

    This game is a must have, must buy and must finish game. You don't have to buy the Undead Nightmare but i strongy recommend it. There is more DLC i just point out what stands out most for this game. If you like 3rd person shooters crips graphics awesome gameplay and a nice core storyline. Get this game !

  3.  Awesomeness..


    This game really throws you into the action..cover to cover action based shoot em up explosions big guns robots super suits intense gameplay and crisp graphics all leave this game with a fresh feeling.

    Your character is a somewhat whitty soldier in a super suit or mecha if you like. Enhancing speed strength and overall combat effieciency, it leaves you feeling....a little indestructible..

    This game isn't a button masher it isn't a screw it i run here i won't die its a okay lets smash some mofo's in.

    If you like 3rd person shooters intense action superb graphics and a different storyline. buy it !

  4.  Little Big Boom


    Little Big Planet 2. Amazing game. Another game that makes you smile and think who needs CoD ? another game that takes you from the ordinary and plunges you into sackboys world.

    In my opinion better than the first Little Big Planet. More Customisation and the levels seem. Different this time, even more fun!

    If you liked the original Little Big Planet i recommend this one to you even more. If you haven't played the original Little Big Planet Get this one instead ! :)

  5.  All Glamour No Guts


    First of all the campaign on this game is...nothing special...its just a hyped up version of the second one...theres nothing in it that really grips you.. The graphics are okay..bland no real texture just sharp nothingness..Helghast look good thats about it..The game difficulties are some what stupid you choose trooper and it seems to think one human can take on 15 + helgan...Nah...The online failed miserably...feels like your playing Team Fortress 2 but with helghast/ISA...Honest Opinion Buy it complete the campaign then trade it back in or say it breaks at a certain point thats what im doing..This game has not guts theres nothing to make you think WOW or open your eyes...Your men barely help you when they do its reviving you which they usually fail at anyway...The Helghan AI seem to shoot you spot on and if your hid behind cover still manage to sneak a bullet somewhere...The campaign gets frustrating as you can get to a point and one of them melee's you and your dead..bam RIGHT back to the last checkpoint which ill point out is a good 15 - 20 minutes gaming..especially on higher difficulties. I personally wish id Bought Bulletstorm instead of this hyped up junk...I read it was supposed to beat Black Ops or MW2 im not a massive fan of either of them But Killzone 3 doesn't even compete..another washed up game series to hit the back of the shelf in my opinion..Save Your Money and time..heck id rather Play the first Killzone than this one...I will add some aspects are better your guy doesn't feel sluggish in this one he moves fluently and some of the old guns have been brought back its nice to see them...Oh One other point its another OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS GOING TO GET DESTROYED Campaigns which we've had well over 1000 times now...Save Your Money or get Bulletstorm Much better...

  6.  Amasing !


    I don't know how the people below could say this is an average film must not be able to see decent films when they see one..this film has an amasing story line and the ending WOW i was amased this film is amasing storyline and the build up its brilliant its the best 2hours and 20mins ever for a film :) BUY IT