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  1.  Adrenalin Rush


    Really enjoyed this movie and the first 45 min is truly a RUSH ....the only reason i gave it 4 stars is cause it calms down a little down the road....but totally worth watching...

  2.  A Dark Masterpiece


    Personally one of this years Best Movies....Watched it and Loved it...not saying another word about this....just Watch it....by the way BANE is badass :P

  3.  WHAT!


    I was really looking forward to this movie...with actors like these how can you not....but what happened i have no idea....i didn't know what to do with myself...laugh my ass off to the really bad comedy or cry myself to tears for wasting 2 hours with this terrible movie

  4.  Ass Kicked


    Nothing nothing at all like what i expected!
    One hell of a good movie...from start to finish, i'm sure everyone will enjoy!

  5.  My Fighting Uruk-Hai


    This is a Fantastic Piece..Its a must have for every Lord of the Rings Collector..I am a collector myself and this is my 4th Legendary Scale Bust and to tell you the truth its one of the Best, the post and the look on his face looks real..Its get every last detail of the Uruk-Hai..and its captured amazingly..and wow its huge..measuring nearly 21inches its simply fantastic..

  6.  Emmmmmm!


    Megan Fox on a bed wearing just a small shirt, tiny shorts and socks what's not to like....Hah
    No no seriously the movie is not bad i enjoyed it..its dark and scary so i gave it 3 Stars the 2 other stars are for Megan Fox!

  7.  I'm sure not everyone can handle this movie


    Never got a chance to watch the Original but this is one good movie..While watching this i'm sure you'll ask yourself if people like these really exist...and if you have kids i'm sure you'll find youself clapping and yelling to support the family..One Hell of a Movie..

  8.  Will make a bad day go away!


    Had a rough day just put this in the player and i'm sure you'll forget everything...My God this is hilerious....it starts a bit slow but its just the few couple of minuites cause then is one laugh after the other..One of the best movies of 2009

  9.  Michael is Back


    I am a big fan of the Original Halloween but this new Michael is Fantastic...You can tell he has the Zombie Twist..The way he kills is Brutal...Don't get me wrong the originals are great but this is a real Killing Machine!
    Hope we get some more of this soon..

  10.  Prawn Invasion


    I got to watch this dvd cause i knew Peter Jackson was involved in it, i had never seen a trailer so i know nothing about the movie..but wow for a budget movie its Brilliant...the plot is amazing....if you didn't see it, go for it you'r in for a treat!