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  1. DiRT 3

    DiRT 3

    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £11.93  Free delivery

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    I have all the dirts and this may well be the best of the lot

    Lots of rally ( although the more I play the more sections I notice are repeated)

    Still has those awful buggies and trucks although the dont feature to much

    Some of the graphics are the best I have seen in a racing game

    Night races are really good although would be better if you could smash the head lights

    some real good races to be had online.

    Its still not as good as the early codemasters rally games on PS1 and Ps2 but I would say its the best rally game on the x box maybe even the best driving game.

    Atleast its not all lapping battersey power station like it was in 2

  2.  Dont bother to leave reviews to often


    As the title says I dont review many games but I just had to warn people to stay away from this.


    I rushed to buy this the day it came out as I am looking for a decent FPS to replace COD as I find Black ops a bit of a let down compared to other CODs
    I got home with the game at 8 I had completed it by 10 2 hours :0 that is so bad for 40
    So I think wow the MP must be good as they have speant all the time on MP and lets face it thats what we all want from an FPS.

    So I log on this is the point i felt completly mugged off

    The graphics were so bad I mean the first games to come out on the 360 are better.
    The controls are sluggish and unreponsive
    the frame rate is awful and would sometimes drop so low it was un playable. there are a very small number of maps, the maps are not detailed
    textures are grainy.

    The idea and story behind this game were awsome and so much could have been done with this the single player was OK at points but 2 hours ! 2 hours to complate a 40 game

    For me I will remember this as one of the biggest fails in gaming history !

    I really dont see how people are giving this game a 4.

    Its probablly COD haters but comeone if you hate COD get battle field 2 that is an awsome game

  3.  Same Game different title


    This Game is not much different to Forza 2

    The career mode is boring and you start asking yourself why am I wasting my time doing this, I dont know if this is becuase its so similar to Forza 2 its just fells the same really i dont notice may differeneces (except the career is not as well layed out)

    This is a shame as I loved Forza 2 ( I think I totaled well over 100 hours on that )

  4.  I cant stop playing I am not sleeping


    This is the best game I have ever played no game has ever grabbed me as this one has I cannot put it down I am finding any free time I have playing this even if I dont really have the time.

    The Single player is so good it may be short but you can play over and over, but why would you want to when you have online its great no other shooter comes close.

    On campers I really dont understand why people get so wound up with them they are easy kills most places where people camp have multiple ways of getting to them so once you play the maps a couple of times you soon learn where the campers go and look out for them plus if one does get you just watch the kill cam and go and find them stright away an easy kill. I think you need all the different types of players it keeps the game interesting becuase you have to change your approach in real war people are more likly to camp than run arround shooting randomly you would not last very long.

    The best thing is to learn the maps there are 15 I think and it does not take long to know all the hidden routes and there are a lot the first time I play a map I dont really join in the fight I just explore and it pays off so much for example if someone is sitting in a window dont go at them from the front find away arround the back or side where they are not looking campers cannot cover all angles.

    The guns are all very good I am level 55 and I have not found any gun which is miles better than the rest they all seem pretty fair while keeping there unique atttributes personally i like the SMGs.

    The perks are good although some I cannot see the point in using some of them.

    The maps excluding 1 or 2 are all very good and the ones that are not the best are not so bad you leave to join a different lobby they are just not as good as the others.

    My only slight moan with this game is the people online who take it to seriously it should just be taken as a very fun game killing random people online play the game how you want sometimes if i hear someone moaning about someone grenade launching them I will switch to my class with it and go and hunt for them to wind them up more lol its a game its meant to be fun if you want to shoot people seriously join the REAL army !

    But on the whole most people just play if for fun but with any game you get people which take it to far.