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  1.  Kinect is Excellent!


    I've got Kinect Adventures and Kinect Sports, both are great fun. The technology at work here is amazing. Highly entertaining and I can't wait for our first Christmas party with this thing :)

    And to comment on jmatthews1's points below...
    1) At no point EVER did anybody say Kinect would come with Milo. That was a tech demo only. If you expected that, the fault is yours, not Kinects
    2) The lag is barely noticeable, and will improve over time with software/firmware updates.
    3) You do need a fair amount of space for 2 players, I agree.

  2.  NOT Command and Conquer


    This game is Command and Conquer by name only and should be AVOIDED like the plague by anybody looking to buy a typical Command and Conquer game. EA took a mish-mash of styles from other games, bundled them all into this game (poorly) and slapped the Command and Conquer badge on it. In the process losing the entire formula that makes a typical C&C game.

    * Want base building? - You're not finding it here!
    * Want resource harvesting? - Again, no such luck.
    * Want to be treated like a loyal customer rather than a potential pirate? - Nope, flat out of luck. The game requires that you log into EA's servers before it lets you even play single player.

    EA have basically used and abused the C&C brand to try and push their attempt at something new. The end result, a failure of a game that lets down the C&C fans, and isn't strong enough to stand on it's own right. Very disappointing for the final game in the franchise.

  3.  Power?


    How is this device powered? Does it come with an adapter, or must you use batteries? The product details don't state this.

  4.  Agree, but Microsoft?


    I agree with blodger59, the game is quite poor. The music is awful, the backing videos are hideous and the lack of downloadable content is unforgiveable. However in response to blodger59, why must Microsoft do better? This isn't a Microsoft game. It's made by Konami.