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  1.  Terrible


    WORST horror movie in years. its a disgrace that its even classed as a sequel to the original. NOT original in the slightest, no tension, gore is terrible, leatherface was a joke and his mask was so badly made. Worst story or plot yet, in any of the chainsaw movies. oh! couldn't even get their own main characters age right in the movie!!!! born in 1974 i think it is, but the girl playing her today in 2013 is early 20's not 40's??? what the hell. God knows what sort of foolish person would enjoy this movie??? i can only imagine someone very simple minded! I was upset that i wasted time on this movie, and they need to stop funding this trash.

  2.  HELL YEH!!!


    Finally a descent damn comic book movie!! dont get me wrong, dark knight rises and avengers were awesome movies but it was nice to have a film that was darker and more gritty! i cant fault this movie! watched it twice already, and could go again. 10/10

  3.  SO BAD IT HURTS!!!!


    I cant describe how bad this film is! and clearly the budget went on making ghost rider look good, because the story and acting actually made me angry. WORST comic book movie in the last 10yrs, maybe even the worst ive seen. you shouldnt want a film to end after only watching for 20mins. i cant understand what human being would enjoy this???? well its so bad even Stan Lee didnt make an appearance in it.....what does that tell you???

  4.  LB are back baby!!!


    Limp are back at their best, with some brutal songs and serious phat beats. every song is catchy, and they bring that 'Energy' that makes you wanna just jump up and go crazy! plus they arnt taking themselves too serious. fred has got that '3 doller bill' style voice back with sum proper metal screams, and wes catches you with his amazing riffs. i havnt stopped listening to this to this album since it arrived. it definately one of their finest. NU METAL is back!!

  5.  Give It A Chance!!


    this is a good alien attack movie! it IS different from other sci-fi movies. all it really lacked was a big name actor.....if Will Smith was in this all you nay-saying critics probably would have loved it. the special effects were great, the aliens/ships were original, and the acting wasn't that poor. yeh there was some loose ends but what film doesn't have them. clear your mind, sit back and enjoy.

  6.  Not a remake...was meant to be called KUNG-FU KID


    amazing movie, Jackie Chan is my favourite guy, showed his real acting skills in this. jaden was awesome for his age, and did some real impressive fight scenes and training. Shame Jackie didnt beat down the other Martial arts trainer tho, that guy sucked. kung fu panda had the rights for the title of this movie, hence being called ''karate kid'' when they actually learned KUNG FU. 10/10 movie tho

  7.  Still Amazing.


    im 21 now and i saw this movie when i was a little baby, but still, this far on in life i enjoy it as much as i did back then, Beautiful storyboards, Heroic Characters, excitment, comedy, adventure, and romance, oh and ROBIN HOOD, the coolest dude ever. definately one of the greatest disney movies ever! 10/10

  8.  Beautifully Amazing!!!


    What i consider as one of the greatest disney films made! Brilliant Characters, Colourful, Fun, Exciting and Twisted. follow alice through whats hard to call either a good dream or nightmare (both at times). beautiful movie, a true disney classic. 10/10

  9.  .....ok...i surpose!!


    pretty much the same as the first movie, but it was a little interesting getting to see it through the killers eyes and the back story of the factory! hardly any gore compared to the first movie, there's one part of the movie which will have every dude that watches it grabbin at his special place and saying 'NNNNOOOOOO'.

  10.  ....wot the hell?????


    How did they get the funding to make this movie???? the deaths are incredibly stupid (death by suger candy cane). storyline and plot was embarassing, acting terrible, and if i wanted to watch a movie with a yellow maniac, i'd watch the simpsons!!!! you find yourself lookin at the clock wonderin.....when is this movie gonna end!!!!