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  1.  The singles stand out.


    The three singles that have been released have all been good and all different from each other. The rest of the album is also great but the singles that have been released so far in my opinion, stand out as being the better songs.... but who knows, once the BEPs add a video to their songs it seems to bring it out more, so looking forward to seeing (if any) the next single from this album.

    Definatley their best album so far. They seemed to have reached their peak. Overall a very 'strong' album and every song has not just been 'thrown together', hopefully they will continue their good work for the future!

  2.  Joe was my favourite.


    I'm really happy Joe won (I liked Danyl too), he was so genuinely happy with what he'd achieved he's got a very good voice and I really like his version of the climb. I'm used to the Miley version but I still think he sings it well. It also has two other songs which are probably some of the best performances he did on the show. Personally, I think a better 'winners song' could have been chosen and the song itself is not as good as previous winners Leona's, Alexandra's and Shayne Ward's songs.

    I really like his voice and am likely to buy his album in the future.

  3.  OK


    Not the best Darren Hayes album, if you like good lyrics this album is for you. His solo albums improve as time goes by. It doesn't have as many good catchy tunes as what there were when he was in savage garden, however it is a good first solo album.

  4.  Really great deal!


    This is a really great deal. The complete series for under 3 pounds is well worth buying. Usually you would be able to get only 1 series for not much less than price. Only fools and horses is really funny and is a great series for all the family. It gets 5 stars for its price alone! If you love only fools and horses, it's well worth buying while its this price.

  5.  'His story' of amzing music!


    Every Michael Jackson album is worth 5 stars, simply because they are just so good. I can listen to them over and over again without getting bored.

    This album hasn't got much new material on it, but it includes all the classic MJ tracks that everyone fell in love with. It is like his story of music up to this point so it does have a great title. Its his story but its History. However the new material it does include supplied him with 2 great new number ones, 'You are not alone' and 'Earth song'.

    Some of last tracks on the 2nd disc are a bit personal like 'Tabloid Junkie' but it is 'HIStory'. Highly recommend this album to add to your collection.

  6.  Thriller is a Thriller!!


    Its great to have a celebration of the best selling album of all time. This reminds us why we all fell in love with Michael Jackson's music.

    This is the album that sent him into the stratosphere. With classics such as 'Billie Jean' he first introduced his dance moves and the never-forgettable music video for 'Thriller' has wowed so many people.

    I really like the case for this and its not just the original album with a different case, it has been modernised and a few remixes have been added, which are also great. I strongly recommened that everyone owned this 'Thriller' of an album

  7.  Another great season!


    I think the middle seasons of the Simpsons are the best. The produces really seemed to have hit the jackpot with new fresh ideas. I think this is one of the best seasons as well as season 7.

    The episodes are losing impact as time goes by and the newer seasons are not quite as good. I'd still rate them 5 stars but by the time it gets after season 10, its gone past the golden years.

  8.  Good storyline!


    I liked this alot. I thought it had a great storyline and the main charater in the movie is Homer. I wouldn't say it was the best animated movie but I like it when animated TV programmes are turned into movies, you get a longer 'Episode' than just the 30 mins you usually get.

    I love the Simpsons and there are so many great episodes including the special 'Horror' ones.

    Great first Simpsons movie.

  9.  One of the best trilogies!


    Back to the future has always been one of my favourte series of films. They are classic speilberg movies. My favourite is part two because it brings together part one of the series when they have to go back in time and get the sports alminac, and begins part three of the series when Marty finds out that Doc is in the year 1885.

    I bought this a while ago and it is a good price for what it is. The case is slightly 'holographic' and very nice when you take it out the box, it folds out nicely with the front covers of each film. You get all 3 great films and the 4th disc you get with it is also good. You get alot of extras on it including funny outakes. This is a good buy for any speilberg movie fans.

  10. Thriller


    Michael Jackson - CD

    6 New from  £5.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.98

     Best CD Ever Made!


    Well what can more can I say, it is the biggest selling album of all time and holds so many records and has one so many awards. Every single track is amazing and this is the album that first set him into the stratosphere. His dance moves were first introduced with 'Billie Jean', 'Beat It' is also a great song on the albm and 'Thriller' still hold records for the best music video and it is also a great song. The rest of the album just adds to the greatness of those songs. Definately one of the best albums in my collection, along with the rest of MJ's albums.