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  1.  Really great phone


    This isn't my phone, it was bought for my son who likes his Xbox and so fancied the tie in with Microsoft and Windows. I am on my second Android phone now and have to say that I like the way that Windows phone stacks up against Android. Both my wife and son use Windows phone so although I haven't lived with the OS personally on a long term basis I have seen enough of it that I would have no issues with converting to it.
    Regarding the phone itself, it's a Nokia and whatever you might think about them they have always built great hardware (I should know I have had enough of them over the years and still have a Nokia C5 as my company phone) the Lumia 710 is a good looking phone and solidly put together. Evertthing works as you would expect and the spec. is remarkable for the price.
    So as mentioned, the OS is nice looking, works well and compares favourably with Android. Against Apple I have less experience although to be honest compared to the Ipod touch the Lumia with Windows looks and maybe even feels better. Integration is great and although the feeds in one place is pretty cool.
    Hardware looks good and all works fine as expected, with a decent camera as far as phones go (which isn't far in my opinion compared to a decent camera) and a music and video player that works well.
    Integration with Xbox is a novelty that works as far as it goes but I am not an Xbox gamer so it doesn't do much for me.
    Battery life is better than my Huawei Andoid but still needs a charge every couple of days to be honest. I guess this is always a tricky point as if you spend a coupl eof hours talking, plus a couple of hours using gps plus use the music and video player a lot then the battery is going to suffer.
    A final great feature is Nokia maps which doesn't need a data connection and is therefore great whilst on holiday abroad as long as you preload the country map before setting off. I know this works for Germany at least as I have just got back and we used it to save a fortune on roaming charges.
    For a decent spec. smartphone you could do a lot worse.

  2.  Good solid bracket


    This arrived promptly in a substantial package and it's initial weight indicates it is of sturdy construction.
    All fixings were supplied with some alternatives for different TV's so all I needed was tools to fit.
    Once fitted I was quite happy to dangle my 46 inch TV off it as I can't see it falling off the wall or failing as it's well built and secure. It is easily adjustable for getting just the right angle and as I have mounted it towards the corner of a room the TV is now always sat at the right angle for easy viewing. When the TV is used for games display it is simple to adjust the vertical angle for silly Nintendo Wii games when stood up.
    Highly recommended

  3.  Don't lose it!


    These things are small !!
    I don't know about tablets, but for a netbook or laptop with limited memory these are ideal for the price. Depending upon the exact design you can pretty much fit and forget these. You actually struggle to pull it out on my Dell laptop as the usb port is partially inset, and it almost disappears inside.
    The only drawback is that it isn't the fastest for data transfer but I guess you need usb 3.0 for that these days.
    Incredibly good value for money which is why I bought 3 !

  4.  Pretty good


    As has previously been commented, these are not the fastest at writing. However, at the price point they pack an awful lot into a small package. The drive is very small and trim and unlike someother drives I have used it does not clash with other usb accesories plugged into adjacent sockets.
    Overall it's very small, very light, very easy to use and very good value,but just not ultimate high speed - I guess usb 3.0 is the way to go for that.

  5.  Better than bundled sets


    Bought to replace a bundled set of cans that had given up the ghost. I was expecting much for the money, but have been pleasantly surprised. They are more comfortable on the ears than the freeby set and don't become uncomfortable over time. The sound quality through the speakers is good, clean and plenty loud enough whilst the sound isolation is pretty good as well. The sound quality via the mike I am told is also pretty good.
    All in all I am well pleased with them and although I am sure for 60-90 pounds (or more) I could have got an even better, more comfrtable set. Why would I spend that much. As a bonus the build quality seems a lot better than the previous bundled set and therefore seem likely to last quite a bit longer.

  6.  Wow!


    Compared to a couple of other pointers I have had or used, this is significantly brighter. It's not tiny, being a bit bigger than a full size pen. But having taken this outside at night you can pick out the dot 400-500 metres away and it remains a remarkably tight beam as the dot is still pretty small.
    I am not sure I would want to accidently get this flashed in my eyes so perhaps best not thought of as a toy (not that any laser device should ever be considered a toy).

  7.  Better than expected!


    This is rather better than it has a right to be for the price. It was a present for a teenage daughter who wanted a ipod dock for charging and to play tunes. Well it certainly does that and although the sound quality is not brilliant at higher volumes the higher volumes are a bit loud to listen to anyway. Bearing in mind the quality of some of the tracks listened to I don't think poor quality reproduction would make them worse anyway.
    The fact that it is portable and runs off batteries is a bonus as this gives a lot of flexibility in use. It doesn't charge the ipod when not plugged in but this isn't unexpected and anyway it's in a bedroom most of the time and acting as an alarm so it stays plugged in.
    The screen is small but therefore actually shows a decent picture as although not a high pixel count they are at least close together. It acts as a photo display etc and the digital TV is remarkably good, picking up most of the weak signal broadcasts in our area.
    For the price of an average ipod speaker dock you get so much more.

  8.  Good for the price


    These are not high end ultimate performance cans, but for the money are a decent improvement over the usual bundled earbuds.
    The construction whilst plasticky is reasonable plastic with a not too cheap feel and don't seem as if they are about to disintegrate.
    They are lightweight and comfortable to wear and whilst too small to be considered over ear type they give a decent amount of outside sound deadening and keep the music in reasonably well.
    Ultimate volume is not extreme but I suspect you could quite easily damage your hearing if you ran them on full volume for a while.
    They look ok when being worn without looking outlandishly large and seem to stay on the head fine without being too tight to become uncomfortable after a while.
    All in all if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful replacement to on ear or in ear earphones then you could do a lot worse for the money.

  9.  Does what it says on the pack


    This arrived promptly from picstop and is exactly what it says it is. Inov8 have a decent reputation as aftermarket battery producers and on the strength of this I have no reason to question this reputation. The battery fits perfectly and in the brief time I have had it has worked fine giving the expected power. It is a fraction lower power than the original 750mAh but in practice I can't tell the difference. Using it with an XZ-1 I don't have a separate charger so it has to be charged in the camera but having a spare to swap in is a massive bonus at the low price. The manufacturers original is just too expensive for me.

  10.  Decent quality case


    The dimensions are exact for this case and therefore it only just fits the camera I have which is my fault as the camera is exactly the same dimensions. Getting the camera in is a squeeze but it doesn't rattle around and feels reasonably protected. The case itself seems well made of quality materials and looks like it should last a while. The front pocket is over generous for my use as I can get the spare battery, several cards (in cases) and a usb card reader and still have room left over. This means to me that the pocket is too big and sticks out more than required. However this is about the only petty complaint I can make and I am well pleased with it anyway.
    The camera is an Olympus XZ-1 for sizing.
    It turned up for picstop remarkebly quickly so would use them again (well I did as I bought the battery from them as well).