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  1.  move over christian and gideon,bennett has arrived!!


    i cant praise this book enough.after reading 50 shades i thought i would never find a leading man who came close to christian grey.Then i read this book and its completely won me over and i think it is the best book ever.the main charator Chole is soooo lovable,shes not shy or annoying in anyway,she stands up for herself and we finally have a fictional lady that sound more real life than ever before.Bennett the leading man is strong and confident (arent they always) but theres no dark pasts and i love how you read from both povs.this book had me laughing as much as it got me hot and bothered,both charactors have amazing sense of humor and the whole story just reels you in from the first page

  2.  another great read....however


    i love all of katie prices novels and always give them a 5 star ratinh.this one is my least favourite so far,i still didnt want to put it down but didnt really enjoy reading from a spoilt bratty rich kids point of view.i wanted the book to all be about liberty but over hald way and im still reading how brooke finds fat people disgusting and how bad british teeth are.it doesnt matter how she evolves,u still need to read it all first.cant wait for the next one,just hoping its back to a more romantic book again

  3.  Another amazing adventure with Angela


    Ive now read the entire "I heart" series within 9 days and they r all amazing,I have loved reading Angela and Alexs love story and watching it unfold but this one had me so excited I couldn't put it down with anticipation of what would happen next.there are a few pridictable bits but instead of finding that annoying I found myself smiling with pleasure at being right.theres one bit that I predicted wrong as was gutted lol cannot wait for their next adventure

  4.  Hot in everyway


    Omg I read this book in two days.what can I say....SMOKING.yes there is alot of sex in this book but doesn't every real life relationship at the beginning? The love story beneath it all broke my heart and I really fell for Christian grey,screaming at Ana to b with him lol I am awaiting the arrival of "darker" and don't think I can wait.the ending of this book had me in tears and I NEED to know what happens next...ENJOY

  5.  another fantastic read


    rachel caine is an amazing writer and this is just another example of how great she is.cannot wait for the next one,hoping its "two weeks notice" but thats september and hate that its soooo far away

  6.  wow....just wow


    i love all the morganvilles but this one is by far the best one yet.it had me gripped from beginning to end,not knowing what was coming next and actually a little scary tbh.i thought that rachel caine might run out of ideas for the residents of morganville but her amazing imagination just gets better and better

  7.  another great read


    i love all of katie prices fiction novels but the Angel series is my favourite so when i first started reading i didnt think i would like it as much as the others as it wasnt all about Angel but you end up loving tiffany just as much (if not more) and sean is a big contender to beat cal in the romance stakes.definitely should give it a read.the only problem i have with alllll these books is that the real writer puts quite alot of little spelling mistakes to try to make out that its done by an amature when its clearly not and its just annoying