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  1.  Samey... but in a good way!


    I don't get the argument that the singles all sound the same? For a start its quite easy to tell them apart but in addition I have bought albums in the past where artists have tried to do something different with each of the songs. Its turned out that the ones they released as singles have been the only ones I've been interested in.

    Scouting for Girls have released this album and yes, a lot of the songs are done in the same style. To be honest I didn't find this is to be a bad thing. The singles that they have released are overplayed for a reason, they are brilliant songs. If I'd bought this album and half of the songs on it were completely different to the style of their singles then I would have been a little disappointed.

    As it happens the album is easy to listen to from start to finish. If you bought this album and were already fed up with the 'overplayed singles' then perhaps you made the wrong album choice.
    I however, love this album and enjoy this for what it is... Scouting for Girls doing what they do best!

  2.  Cracking pick up and play stuff


    This is a great little puzzler. A cracking conversion of a long running series. The PSP version has lots of additions, many of them very challenging. See-saw mode is insane!!

    Also with over 800 (I think) puzzles spread across standard & Ghost modes this is going to last a single player ages. If you're lucky enough to have someone to play against then add another Star onto the score. I know from past experience on the Playstation that this can be an insanely addictive multiplayer game.

    My one criticism would be levelled at the attack formations of some of the characters. Some of them are just unfair with far too many rainbow / wooden blocks being fired across the screen. Far too often this makes VS. modes a little one sided.

    I enjoyed this far more than the PSP exclusive Lumines and while not as much fun or as original as Puzzle Quest this doesn't frustrate by being overly bugged.

    If you're after a puzzle game you won't go wrong with this one.

  3.  Add 1 or 2 stars if its for a kid that likes the film!!!


    Ok, so I bought this for the girlfriend but actually quite enjoyed it for a while.
    Unfortunately there isn't enough variety in the characters. Lightening McQueen has exactly the same stats as about 2 or 3 other cars. The ability to customize cars, E.G. increasing speed or turning ability, would have been a nice touch. As it happens, unlockable colours is the most that can be changed on the any of the vehicles available.

    The racing controls made my fingers really sore. It wasn't just me either, my girlfriend didn't play the game for more than 15minutes at a time because it hurt so much.

    The tracks vary from genius to madness. Its good timing jumps to clear obstacles and hit boost pads but its incredibly frustrating when a combine harvester appears out of nowhere and stops your car dead in its tracks.

    The game doesn't last that long either. I'm thinking its perhaps aimed at a slightly younger / more casual gamer than me though.

    Overall it was better than I ever expected a movie tie in to be and is the best Disney movie tie in game since Lion King or Aladdin...

  4.  Its no Final Fantasy.. but thats a good thing in my opinion!


    I enjoyed this RPG immensely but mainly because of the challenge and fairly unique, perhaps 'old skool', fighting method. I haven't had my party wiped out in a Final Fantasy game since no.8 and this was during the end-game activities. Dragon Quest challenges you from the start and if you're not careful you can find yourself constantly getting into trouble. Luckily this is offset by the ability to restart in town and not being shown the game over screen if you get wiped out.
    The ability to call monsters into battle is also a neat idea and I kinda wish they had made more of it.
    There are lots of negative points you could pick up.. the main protaganist is a dull character, I don't think he speaks in the whole game.
    The luck based side games in RPGs are becoming all too common now and Dragon Quest has dutifully crafted one of the most frustrating ever in the form of a patience trying casino.
    But my biggest complaint would be late game grinding is very frustrating unless you have built your characters perfectly (I.E. Read a guide before hand).
    As this was my first Dragon Quest game I wasn't sure about how to assign skills early on and was at a big disadvantage when it came to the end-of-game challenges. If I see a metal slime run away once more time...
    But despite all this i only have fond memories of this game. I didn't want to compare it to FF but that seems like the standard thing to do when reviewing an RPG. In my opinon, and this is purely an opinion, its not as good as FF7. But then there are so many RPG games around at the moment that it would take a masterpiece to impact mainstream gamers in the way that FF7 did. This is as good as any FF that has come since...

  5.  I'm talking Orca fat...


    I challenge anyone to watch this film and not want to sit through the last ten minutes again, and again, and again...

    5.99, for the double disc version... you really have no excuses!!

  6.  -1 star if you've played the PS2 versions before....


    Disagea: Afternoon of Darkness is almost a direct port of the PS2 game Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. On the PS2 there has also been a sequel, Disgaea 2.
    If you haven't played either of these games I strongly urge you to give this game a shot, it is quite probably the best game on the PSP at the moment.

    If you've played the other versions keep on reading and I'll explain why this perhaps isn't a necessary purchase. First I've listed the few GOOD additions in the PSP version of Disgaea: -
    - Additional ETNA mode - not as long as the original story
    - A couple of extra bosses
    - Attack animations turn off (this is the biggest plus)
    - New way to get some of the better items...
    - Its portable!
    However, if you spent over 100 hours on the original game there are a few things you should know.
    Some things I've noticed while playing this version: -
    - Crashing while trying to access the shop (TWICE)
    - Crashing while trying to access the hospital (ONCE)
    - Crashing while trying to raise weapon mastery by countering with own players (EVERY TIME with high enough counters)
    - Some of the items (a particular pair of glasses and staff that I've noticed so far) have bugged specialists on them. I'm talking well into the 10k level unsubdued. This is a bit of a cheat considering the amount of time purists have wasted farming on the PS2 version!

    Finally if you've conquered the PS2 sequel then, like me, you'll notice that every aspect of this game, as you would expect compared to a sequel, is inferior. The difference is so vast that item runs in the this Disgaea seem a little dull in comparison. Considering this is where you'll spend most of your Disgaea life this is a major downer.
    Saying that, I've already hit 4 figure levelled characters and am still playing.... but why?
    Maybe its because my PS2 has broken.. maybe because its generally so easy to pick up and play any PSP game... Maybe its because of the shortcuts now available with the bugged items will make you turn to item running quicker... Or maybe.. just maybe its because, depsite its flaws, this is still by far the most rewarding and addictive game available on the PSP......... Dood........

  7.  Great Game but flawed psp conversion


    I like puzzle games and RPGs are my favourite genre as well. If you are the same then I can't recommend this game enough.
    Even if you aren't a fan of one of the genres, this could be the game to convert you!!

    I won't go too much into the game mechanics, as the descriptions on Play.com are already very good.

    I will say, its one of the few games available for the PSP that I've been able to spend hour long sessions playing without even realising the time has gone by.

    Combining puzzles with RPG elements is a stroke of genius and its difficult to think of a similar game that does it to such a high standard.

    I also believe the game offers tremendous replay value. The 4 different character classes play very differently so, despite offering the exact same set of quests, it doesn't seem a chore to play through again.

    Finally I will add that the presentation of this game is also good and compliments the excellent game-play.

    As you can probably tell, I really enjoyed this game.

    However, I do believe there are problems with the PSP version: -
    1) The graphics are good but there is occasional, very minor slow down when obtaining long chains or launching some of the more powerful spells.

    2) During the various quests you can obtain support characters that are meant to influence how the puzzle battles play out. For example one of your recruits should damage Undead characters before the start of a fight. However, they don't work. I have played through the quest 2 times now and have yet to see a support characters skill work.

    3) Finally I will mention the most noticeable flaw. During both of my playthroughs, (and I will play again), the game has stopped allowing me to access the best spells. Let me explain..
    As you level up you gain access to more powerful spells of which you can select 6 to take into battle with you. On top of this you can also capture enemies and eventually use their spells too.
    Unfortunately this is where the game breaks, and it seems to be a problem with the PSP version. Both of my characters have broken so will only show the first 7-8 spells. Each time I try and scroll down further the game freezes and I have to restart my PSP.
    Various forums I have been to suggest making regular back ups of your characters in case this happens.

    Now none of these problems make the game unplayable but it feels like PSP owners are being made to miss out on the complete game. In my opinion these issues should have been picked up prior to the game being released and it has left me quite disappointed.

    I would hope that a patch will be released to fix this issue, but I doubt it ever will. I guess I'll just hope they do a better job on the PSP version Puzzle Quest 2....?