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  1.  Just rubbish


    Pop nonsense. Shouldn't be in hard rock section! This band just get worse and worse.

  2.  Meh


    Another disappointing album. Confused, no cohesion or unified album 'style' which characterised every album up to 'Black'. And the production is dreadful (at least the Load albums' arrangements sounded good). The drums sound like a monkey banging on dustbins. There are some tracks in there which resonate such as tracks 4,7 & 8 but for the most part it's just very 'meh'. With so much interesting metal out there like Mastodon, Rise to Remain, Trivium and 'Maiden still pumping out great albums, Metallica are just becoming a bit of a joke.

  3.  Best for years


    Whilst I'm a great supporter of FF, even their more modern post-original line-up this album is definately a return to the style of music more akin to Demanufacture. Their subject matter remains somewhat cliche and all about machines taking over the world but it's what FF do best: massively powerful industrial metal mixed with BCB's characterful dual vocals. The album cover flaps, sleeves and wotnot on the digipack are also very very cool!

  4.  Short and sweet


    The music is beautiful, no doubt and far better than most of PJs mid-career oddness. However, at less than 37 minutes long its more EP than Album and I feel somewhat cheated! It sounds much like the musical to Into the Wild which Vedder wrote and performed - very personal and soulful

  5.  Give them time to break in


    After about 10 hours of listening these headphones loosened up nicely and the bass extended much more effectively without becoming muddy. These aren't a Sony style bass fest , they accurately reproduce the sound coming out the machine they're connected too- just as the producer intended. They are a little noisy in that you can hear through the phones when the cables rub on clothes but it's not enough for it to detract from the listening enjoyment - just turn them up a bit more! They effectively block out commuting train noise and don't seem to bother other commuters either. They're also tiny. Very highly recommended especially at this price!

  6.  Great album but flawed production


    Great songs. "One" is one of the best tracks Metallica have ever done and is magnificent live but the production on the whole album is appalling. The bass is non-existent.

  7.  Great product and so cheap


    Provide a fantastic improvement over the Apple earphones provided with I Pods. They take a while to bed in and for the bass to deepen but after about 10 hours listening they're perfect. Not too bassy but just as the sound engineer intended. They also fit very well into your ear so they're fine for jogging and sound leakage to others around is minimal. The only small minus is that the sound of the cable brushing against your clothes can be heard through the headphone but only if you listen to music very quietly.