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  1.  great game its fable meets god of war


    I firstly tried the demo on the PSN store and tbh I wasant tht impresed I found the game boring and dul.l So when the game came out I had no imtrest in buying it I was going to buy Twisted metal tht was due to be out on the same day. So I went to my local game shop and to my dismay Twisted metal was delayed so I stod there for 30 mins thinking wht game I should get instead. Then I saw Kingdoms of amular reckoning and I thought I may as well pick it up as there wasnt anything else I liked. So I got it took it home and started to play it and to my suprise I was geting in to it. 20 hrs in game time flew by and I was unable to stop playing. Anyway ill stop this rant now lol and get down to brass tacks to me this game is Fable meets God of war it has freat combat a very diverse class system u can shape your charcter to your liking. And if you find yourself bored with your charcter visit a fate waver and reset all your stats to re apply as u like this game is a great game with lots to do it took me just over 60hrs to get the platinum and I still had over 60 side quests left. If your looking for tht next great RPG the look no futher its a must play thx 4 reading =D

  2.  GOTY 20011 so far yes


    This is by far the best game ive played this year the single player story is well told and it really makes u feel
    l like ur fighting for the very survival of earth the onlines is also brliant
    its a bit laggy at times but insomniac have sworn to patch this if u like fps in genral and u like a good story with fun online then get this game its the best resistancve yet and a worthy GOTY contender

  3.  really good game


    I first played this about a year after the PS3 was realsed at a m8s house and tbh I thought it was rubbish to me it wasnt nowhere near as good a Xbox360s Gears of war now a few years later I now own a PS3 and I saw this on play for a fiver and I thought hmmm why not give it another go and im glad I did its a great game the graphics are a little dated now but its still a lot of fun the campaign is fairly long and the story is good plus the first level is set in my city =D the online is fast and frantic and I love it this really is a game thts worth buying for the price I also recomend resistance2 as thts awesome

  4.  very underated game


    I love this game there is so much to do the world map is just huge there is loads of side missions to do or find and u can approach any mission the way u want u can go in at night and be stealthy or u can just run in all gus blazing or u can set a fire and burn them out it really is great fun the story can get a little boring at times but nothing to make u want to not finish it the online is ok its not as good as killzone,resistance or cod but it is still good for wht it is and some of the maps are just so big the map creator is also amazing its so in depth u can create anything and I mean anything for the price tht it is now buy it it defo worth a try at least

  5.  best cod in the series


    ive been a cod fan since the 1st one and ive played them all and to me this is by far the best cod in the series the single player campaign is brilliant on vetran its very hard the online is really good I love the guns u get the KAR98K is my fave sniper in any cod game also the tompson is brill the maps are also very well designed unlike mwf2 and black ops they are huge maps and are great for sniping on or u can use a tank or just run around they relly do suit every playstyle the zombies mode is
    ok its fun for a while but its no way near as good as left4dead etc so if ur a cod fan and u have yet to try this awesome game then buy it

  6.  Best Bioware RPG since KOTOR


    to me this is the best Bioware rpg since KOTOR (Knights of the old Republic) the game is just huge without the DLC u have about 100 plus hours of gameplay with the DLC u have the biggest RPG since Oblivion the story is realy well told u really fell like ur actually a part of this amazing world when u chose an action some party members may like/dislike it and if they hate u to much they will leave/betray u this is one of the best RPGS ive ever had the pleasure of playing I hope Dragon Age 2 is just as good

  7.  A breath of fresh air in a crowded genre


    Like the last guy said this is not COD it does require team work and skill to play I personaly love this game the online is just amazing people actually work together and use team tactics unlike COD games were every one just runs around like idiots the controls are a bit weird at first like the left stick being ur zoom button but I just changed it to L1 and it was fine u do move and turn slower but thts just realism and u will easily get used to it I havent really done the campaign yet so I cant comment on tht if u r sick of all the COD games and want somthing new get this game its just awesome thx 4 reading =)

  8.  60 player online war


    this is one of the most fun and addictive shotters ive played ever its so much fun the weapons are so well designed and unique online is amazing to me it what all shooters should be like forget MWF2 or Black ops this is old school fast paced fun and I love it 10/10

  9.  The most Epic game ever


    The word Epic gets used to much as most games are not epic this howerver is EPIC its the most addictive game ive ever played I never played the 1st two and I still enjoyed the game so much if u own a PS3 get this game if u dont own a PS3 buy 1 and get this game its tht good
    Graphics 10/10
    Story 10/10
    Gmeplay 10/10

  10.  simply awesome


    this is one of the most fun games ive ever played it has an amazing single player campaign,awesome co-op modes and amazing multiplayer its a must buy for any PS3 owner