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  1.  Friday The 13th


    i recently bought this, as the remake has just been released and i wanted to see the original before the remake, so i could compare them and so :).

    This film is great, and one of the best slasher movies ever. i would recommend it to anyone who is in to the horror genre. it is filmed very well with great camera angles, which adds to the suspense and tension of who the killer is.

    One more thing, i knew who the killer was before i'd seen the film, but if you don't know who the killer is. DON'T READ THE SYNOPSIS ON THE BACK OF THE DVD CASE. it tells you, which is stupid, and i imagine being very frustrating.

  2.  s.Darko


    I bought s.Darko as soon as it was released as Donnie Darko is one of my favourite films. When i got it, i found it very unique and clever, I was not disappointed. Infact, i didn't think it would be as good as it was, as it could have been just some rubbish direct-to-dvd release, like so many other direct-to-dvd's.

    Anyway, i would recommend buying this as it is a fantastic watch.

  3.  Your in Bad Company! (Not playing a Bad Game though)


    Ok.. When i downloaded the demo of this i thought it s'alright, but then when my m8 was selling it i bought it off him coz he was selling it cheap, now i think its a sikk game - and it could maybe even be better than callofduty - the only annoying things is the missions take you ages to do - but other than that its a wicked game and i wud highly reccomend it! Another good thing - u dont get checkpoints/ but when u die - u respawn a few metres away - and the enemies dont respawn so if u had trouble taking out a sniper or an enemy with an rpg /// gameplay - 9/10, campaign - 10/10, graphics - 7/10 - online - 7/10 - achievements 8/10 overall - 10/10 - get it now! Add me on xbox live (leejb94)do it quick changing my gamertag at xmas :)

  4.  force is unleashed


    This is immense, the story mode is great but incredibly easy - and loads to unlock and do - great game - buy now

  5.  TNA IMPACT!!


    Although it aint as good as sd v raw, it still worth buying - i am a wwe fan, but still enjoyed this, so get it and add me theburkster94 if u have live, and i can pwn u online - online is immense and unbelievably hard coz of all the keenos - i already have the achievement 4 losing 5 times in a row - so maybe if i play u , you'll pwn me
    Haha - not likely 4/5
    Smackdown vs raw 09 out soon, getting that too, hope online ain't so laggy and i can pwn u

  6.  Online Servers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE


    This is a fun game if your a Star Wars buff, or a Lego fan -- I'm 14 and i enjoyed for the first 3/4 films but after a couple of levels you have to leave it and then continue tomorrow coz it can get quite boring and repetitive. There are a few annoying features about it though like the CPU if your playing by yourself, the CPU just stands there and does absolutely nothing, it doesn't help you on the two-man jobs like it does on Lego Indiana Jones - The Original Adventures, also the online Servers are terrible!!!!!!, When you walk through a room it has to reconnect, and sometimes when your at the end of a level it can disconnect from the game, and you have to re-do the whole thing!!!!!!!. Overall, this is an OK game if you don't get easily frustrated LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Although it is not as good as New York,and the story is 99% the same, it is still a good, well worth the buy for any fans of Snake Plissken

  8.  Next of Kin


    This is one of the worst films ever made - no wonder Swayze was nominated for a Golden Razzie(Worst Actor)



    their debut album was a classic, with every track on it good except from the one(Blue Piccadilly), this is the opposite way round, 1 decent track (I Thought It Was Over) and all the others absolute rubbish

  10.  SNATCH!


    Great gangster film, although it is a bit boring at the start, but it gradually gets better, Its also really funny as well,