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  1.  Not for me


    I think this does come down to personal preference if your going to enjoy this game. Graphics are good, gameplay is nice. But I really didn't like this game, frustrating long winded puzzles, interrupted by the occasional gymnastics of Lara Croft. I believe they recorded/motion captured a very talented gymnast in the development and you can see that, nice. But I like games like Mafia 2, GTA, Just Cause, ACreed etc.. I found this game lonely wondering around caves a little uneventful and frustrating I soon got fed up and sold it to a mate, 20mins soon. I don't recommend this, but then that just might be my tastes.

  2. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    4 New from  £10.37  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £5.83

     Refreashing alternative to GTA


    I had played the demo last year when it first came out and while I thought it had a nice feel to it. It wasn't enough for me to rush out and buy it. How wrong was I! Having picked this up recently I haven't been able to put it down. Great storyline, cut scenes that you enjoy watching, nice little touches that you know they have really taken there time with it. Its like GTA but in the 1950's! Its like a great gangster movie, but your not just watching you really feel like your in it! Ok, I think it does fall a little short of what it could have been. It would have been nice to build an empire, your own family, more side missions, be able to buy better homes. But don't get me wrong there is still enough to keep you happy and enjoy this game. But yes could have been truly amazing, but maybe those changes are being saved for Mafia 3! Still, highly recommended, and there is also a lot of downloadable content to enjoy, other storylines etc with est. about additional 8 hours game play. I will be getting that when I finish this game. Recommended for your collection.

  3.  Intense shooter!


    Finding this game late, has been out for a while and Killzone 3 is out in only a week or so. But I should have tried it earlier. Finally got around to playing the demo, and then decided to get the whole game.
    Ok arguably not the best FPS ever, controls are frustrating at times, play occasionally interrupted by loading pauses, and hiding/taking cover controls are a bit sticky, but its still really good. I'm more an open world type, so having to follow a set path and objectives like you will do in the main story line of this game I don't go for. But Killzone 2 is good enough to keep me interested and going back for more. Lots of trophies to collect, and what I understand is the games main pulling point, the online multi-player, I'm yet to try out. It is an intense shooter, you will be exhausted after each level.

    Recommended for your collection

  4.  Addictive and great fun!


    4/5 Stars. It dropped one star because there are moments when you and your horse will fall down a huge cliff upright and land to keep wondering the wilderness. Not very realistic. The occasional floating object and odd behavior, such as your horse disappears the screen spins looks like its about to crash, then you on the floor covered in blood for no reason. So its not perfect and not bug free. It doesn't feel like its been through the same quality assurance at GTA for example..

    A 4 full Stars because it is so immersing, I can not put this game down!! If you like open world games where you can wonder off and decide when and what you want to do, then you'll love this.
    You'll learn to lasso, shot, gamble, ride a horse, break in a horse, herd cattle, collect meat and hide to sell the list goes on.. everything a cowboy would need to do. And of course there are the missions to do, when you want too.. no rush.. I might go off and explore the hills behind Armadillo today.. See what I can find!

    Recommended for your collection.

    Similar games; GTA IV, Fallout, Just Cause etc..

  5.  Bad


    Really not worth watching. If you like the first one you will be disappointed with Green Street 2. (I was)
    Note that the main actors from the first film have dissertated this sequel and you will see why.

  6.  Aviod


    I liked the first green street, I was looking forward to seeing gs2. I found it was nothing like the first film. It shouldnt even share the same name.
    Aviod it. I turned it off after 20mins.