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  1.  One of the best budget speaker sets around!


    I've had quite a few speakers for my PC and eventually they all die if you pressure them into playing music loud, the Logitech X-140 are excellent value for money and are loud enough for your average music, gaming or movie requirements.

    If your looking for a better sound at around the same price, best off getting a subwoofer with it too, at least if your after a little bass at a cheap price then you want to be paying for it and know you will get the sound you want.

    If you need speakers that will do the job, these are the ones!

  2.  Classic brilliance at its finest..


    The Big Lebowski is one of those films you just want to watch time and time again, the storyline, characters and the film itself is one of the greatest you'll watch.

    Has a hint of stoner comedy and classification and very humoured perfectly.

    I will watch this time after time.

  3.  Well worth the money


    Not many headsets do you get comfortable, efficient and easy to use all bundled into one and neither do you get high definition audio standards.

    The Speedlink is exceptional in it's budget price ranging, excellent sound quality and it's really endurable for an hour or two of intense gaming because it does fit your head size pretty well.

    The microphone is handy and pretty well made, it does have a form of noise-reduction but it doesnt ensure you dont get any noise AT ALL so you can't entirely expect near perfect clear speech but it does do well nonetheless.

    For almost 30 quid you get an ideal gaming headset capable of playing music loud as you need it, a novel 'cockpit pilot microphone' which can bend to suit your requirements and does the job well and capable of use with a CD Player and anything that has a 3.5mm stereo jack.

  4.  Great selection of tracks and does what it says on the cover


    I have this album and it's pretty damned good to be quite honest, okay so some tracks I've never heard of and some tracks are let's say - terrible, but despite that you get a fair selection of tracks which are perfect for anyone who loves well produced dance/garage/techno/house music.

    Great mix. And works excellent with a good set of speakers so you can definetly hear what your paying for.... BASS.

  5.  It's tiny, quick and full of storage capability!


    When I originally ordered this external hard drive I was expecting it to be alot bigger than what it was when it arrived at my doorstep.

    The HDD is typically speaking, the same size as a Parker pen and holds an incredible amount of data upto 500GB, although with every HDD you don't ALWAYS get the complete amount, so in this case it's 486GB not 500GB but who cares, it's still alot of space available for movies, music and more.

    The speed of this HDD is consistant and with it being SATA instead of IDE it takes less time to transfer data to and from the hard drive and absolutely perfect for people on the move who dont want to take their desktop PC with them you can just take your entire PC on a small modern sleek HDD like this.

    It's incredibly easy to assemble and 'pop' into your computer using a spare USB 2.0 slot, just plug the USB wire into the HDD and then into your USB port and that's it - all ready to go!

    Packaging was moderate but no REAL protection from possible bumps and falls in the back of the wagon on its journey to me, packed using a medium-sized post 'bag' and the product could of been easily damaged due to this.

    Apart from that, it's a perfect little hard drive for those that don't want to spend more on an internal hard drive or for those that like their data portable and not fixed into a desktop PC/laptop.

    Worth the buy.

  6.  Perfect monitor


    Very sleek monitor for the PC system, works in well-lit environments and has a great colour depth and enhanced browsing with a bigger screen resolution, no screen flare looking at the monitor from awkwad angles.

    Looks good on the desktop, even better for gaming and watching high definition movies.

  7.  Value for money and good quality sound


    For the small amount of money you pay for this Gaming/VoIP headset you get the barebone quality in sound perfect for video conferences, Skype, Messenger and ofcourse in-game chatter.

  8.  Great price for a great keyboard package


    The keyboard is robust and sturdy with great wireless signal capabilities as tested by myself and the mouse even more so and the extra bit you pay for that extra mouse precision is way more than worth the pennies you pay!

    Excellent signal quality, slim and sleek and perfect for helping to declutter the office/desktop table, saves more space by eliminating the need for keyboard and mouse wires which is ideally for me, perfect.

    Worth the money.

  9.  Everyone knows, it's just the greatest classic game ever.


    Counter Strike is definetly a landmark in the engineering of FPS (First Person Shooter) games, the gameplay and online multiplayer action is endless with thousands of game servers to join and battle it out.

    If your looking for the perfect shoot 'em up game that doesn't need shedloads of graphics dependancy and system specifications but still want the realisitic high detailed gaming experience then this is going to be your greatest buy of the century.

  10.  Hit and Miss..


    Great character set and well produced, excellent visual effects and animation and well packaged.