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  1.  Epic. From start to end.


    Knocked Up is a mash-up of comedy and entertainment rolled into one excellent movie starring a great cast of fantastic actors and literately EVERY minute is absolutely great!

    The plot is a great; when a upper-class working women meets a lazy unemployed pothead, they party, they reap the consequences of unprotected sex which brings them together in a hilarious yet realisitic bid for friendship, meeting their families and friends and living together with their new child. That's all I'm going to say just incase you haven't watched it already.

    Worth watching, worth buying. 5 stars and I'm not doubtful of that in the slightest.

  2.  Great value for money and great for those without PCI-E!


    I'am one of those PC users that has a relatively old motherboard that sadly doesn't have PCI-Express expansion slots unlike alot of the new PC systems available today.

    I was running out of ideas, maybe get a new system that supports PCI-E or find a graphics card that works with PCI, and it was a difficult search until I reached Play.com who had the now redundant PCI graphics card available to order.

    Upon recieving the graphics card I was disappointed with the packaging as it was shipped in a cheap thin grey postage pack/bag and could of been easily damaged through depatch, thankfully it wasn't yet I couldn't get my head round the delivery solution that was made to allow such a flimsy form of packaging in the first place!

    Apart from that, the graphics card was easily to setup, just gently plug it into a spare PCI expansion slot and away you go, install the necessary nVidia drivers and your rocking.

    The potential of this graphics card is staggering, it will play alot of games that are new and those that are old yet require more graphical power.
    I set the settings to high on San Andreas, maximum (highest) on Trackmania, and the low on Euro Truck Simulator just to name a few games that love this new toy installed on the system.

    It DOES struggle with a few games that require a better graphics card, it WILL struggle with alot of high detailed games available to date and ITS NOT the best option for all-out gaming heaven.

    However, if you need to get rid of that useless integrated graphics chip installed on your decripid motherboard like I did, this is the best path to chose and will lead you to a far superior graphical world.

    All in all a GREAT buy, worth every penny and does the job perfectly. Shame about the packaging but you can't win 'em all!

  3.  Great wheel for the gaming fanatics and for anyone else...


    I've had the Logitech Driving GT steering wheel and pedal-set now for about a week and so far it's been a diamond buy!

    The wheel is designed well, has a realistic feel to it and offers only what driving game fanatics would call a dream.

    On startup, the GT symbol will light up several times and flash in ambience notifying you that it is there, all and well, it's starting up and wants to be used, it also spins round left to right testing the center of the wheel and calibrating ready for you once your system has loaded up which I find loud yet interesting and sensible of Logitech to include such a feature.

    It includes 'F1 style' gearshifters, as well as a right-handed semi-automatic gear lever which is great but does originally take a tiny bit of a nudge to gear down or up but at least it's not loose and does so at its own will, not just that but excellent force feedback compatible with most recent and popular games so going off-road, crashing into opponents and walls for that matter gets better yet rather saddening for your time trial lap times.

    The grip is comfortable, effective and looks the part and the pedal-set is great too with the brake pedal being more 'heavier' than the accelerator, making it even more realistic although the spacing between them both could of been a little more reasonable as you do end up touching both pedals sometimes.

    Being USB and mains power supplied, it's easy to get out of the box, power-up into the mains and plug into your USB slot and your PC should recognise it straight away and your almost ready to drive away on your favourite games.

    You will need to install the 'Logitech Game Software' or 'Logitech Profiler' to completely calibrate the steering wheel and ofcourse have to ability to change settings like feedback, centering, sensitivity, dead zones and create settings for individual games you have installed.

    One glitch with this stunning gadget for your PC/PS2/PS3 is initially when you load up any game and the wheel doesn't move, I had a problem with this for days until I got assistance that proved my ignorance did exist.

    You will need to change auto-centering off or lower it less than 100% in your settings before your wheel will actually move anywhere proving it quite an irritating fact when you think you'll be playing in no time, unless ofcourse you know this and then it doesn't matter.

    Compatibility stretches far and wide and will work will nearly every game once you get past the previous problem I had stated above and definetly improves the excitement, realism and enjoyment of driving in your favourite cars on your favourite games.

    It's an epic design for an epic era of PC/PS2/PS3 gaming and the bonuses just got better thanks to this great wheel leading the competition in it's pricetag and quality.