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  1.  Not my usual cup of tea..



    First few times I seen the trailer I thought to myself, "I will never waste my time on that film!"
    Well, I can now truly say that I will never again judge a movie on a few seconds of footage I see because this movie blew me away. Natalie Portman, being the amazing actress that she is, gives an outstanding performance is this masterpiece.
    Probably one of my favourite movies, I will be capable of watching this over and over again and still recieve the exact thrill, excitement and tensity from the first time I watched it!
    Great acting, great movie. Highly recommend!!

  2.  The Demon Barber of Fleet Street...


    Upon realising my great likeness towards Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter through watching many movies, I decided it was high time I sat down and watched this highly-rated film.
    Making this decision was one of the best things I've ever done. This movie is just what I expected it to be and much, much more. There's music, gore, humor and even a hint of romance! This movie simply supplies us with everything that we expect in a good movie these days.
    Spectacular acting from Johnny and Helena, (and other actors such as Alan Rickman) makes this movie even more exciting and intriguing to watch. Each actor/actress expresses a great amount of emotion throughout, making it a lot more interesting and not at all boring.
    With the darkness and depth provided in this film, we, as an audience, are made to believe that not everything/everyone is what it/them appears to be, which by the end of the rollercoaster ride of a movie, proves to be true.
    The music used in the film, which I assume was taken from the original 1979 stage show of the famous tale, is gripping, riveting and quite informative. I am positive that at least one or two of these great tunes will be glued into your mind and you will find yourself humming it in your sleep days after watching the movie!
    With excitement, gore, music, laughter, and romance around every corner, you are sure to enjoy this movie without the slightest hint of disappointment!

  3.  Awesome!


    Won these on one of those Coke competitions from the label, and I am extremely happy with the product! The weight, sound quality and comfort of the headphones are all above standard! Best headphones I've ever used, and they are well worth the money, even though I won mine, I would recommend these to anyone!

  4.  "Katniss Everdeen's final battle has begun"


    Great book, and a great end to the magnificent trilogy that has enhanced millions.
    This book was written fantastically and it was fast-paced and full of surprises! I feel that it was a great end to the trilogy as you question how it will end right up until the final pages.
    I feel that personally, this wasn't the best book of the series but, it did end the series perfectly. Highly recommend to anyone interested!

  5.  Linwood strikes again


    This book is absolutely spectacular! This is the third of Linwood's books I've read and each time I've been blown away by how well it's written and how amazing the storyline is, but this has to be, by far, the book with the most twists and turns, ups and downs! I love how Barclay cleverly plans out his book plot and how each and every question you ask yourself whilst reading is answered at the end of the book. Fantastic story, fantastically written, fantastic author! Will most definately be reading every single one of his other books that's out or are to be released! Must-read for all book lovers! Put it down if you can, I know I couldn't.

  6.  One of the best games I've played in a long time!


    With most movie-tying games being too short, too similar to the movie, or just no where close to your expectations, this game seems like a mind blower. It's got great graphics, amazing fighting features with awesome slow-motion attacks, and it's filled with action! Fantastic game and would recommend to any Captain America fans, or even if your just a fan of playing games!

  7.  This book was on fire!


    From start to finish I loved this book. Written just as well as the first one, with a better story, and even more action! A lot better than the first book in the trilogy. Full of action, suspense and drama, Suzanne Collins has done the impossible and up-ed the game in this spectacular sequel. Absolutely cannot wait to read Mockingjay after being left with a huge cliffhnger at the end of this book! Amazing series, highly recommend

  8.  Wow.


    This book is absolutely fantastic. With twists, shocks fight scenes on almost every page it is an absolute hard-to-put-down book! I read and adored the original Percy Jackson series made of 5 books, and although it doesn't seem absolutely 100% necessary to read them before this, I HIGHLY recommend that you do because it just makes this book that much more rivating. Practically every chapter had a cliffhanger, making me want to always read on without hesitation, but making me totally gutted when I had to stop. Rick Riordan wrote the novel from all three of the main characters perspectives (changing character every 2 chapters) which made this book so much more exciting as we can see and understand each character in so much more detail and really connect with them. New story, new characters, same exciting, action-packed author. The end of the book leaves us with an incredible cliffhanger that will smack your chin against your floor instantly. Extremely excited for the sequel, 'The Son of Neptune' as I'm sure it will be even more addicting, rivating, action-packed, incredible and a lot harder to put down than this one was. Magnificent book by a magnificent author. Highly highly recommend this book to anyone interested. 10*!! Enjoy.

  9.  Brilliant


    Loved this movie. Had high expectations for it and I was not disappointed. The movie is based on a graphic novel but I didn't know that until after I seen the film. Lots of action sequences, great acting and the vampires looked spectacular! The writing was great and there wasn't a moment where I wanted to stop watching. I highly recommend to action/vampire movie-based lovers!

  10.  The show we've all been waiting for


    Nikita is an amazing show! Seen adverts for weeks and waited anxiously for it to start. Was not disappointed in anyway. A great show with great actors/actress', great writing, and awesome fight sequences! Exciting and explosive from the Pilot to the Finale! Can't wait for season 2's release!