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  1.  Great value and great series


    Like the first reviewer I read these books almost ten years ago and have been waiting just as long for the culmination of the series. Although a young adult series and being about 15 years past that (and now a mum of two) I still enjoyed re-reading them. Think Diet-Twilight and that sums it up - eternal love, supernatural goodies and baddies and the possible end of the world. Great for Teenagers and older readers alike - now all we need is the tenth book!

  2.  I'm assuming this is Christmas Around the World?


    A collection of short stories centering around the festive season and celebrations around the globe featuring the Various Doctors and their companions. As with all collections there are the good, the bad and the "what the hell where they on at the time of writing"

    Two I particularly enjoyed were "Planet of the Elves" and "Instead of You" both very different stories but well written and engaging. Neither overly sentimental and giving a good "voice" to the Doctor and their companion.

    A great stocking filler for Doctor Who fans as there's something to suit everyone's taste.

  3.  A good watch


    Eve would appear to have it all, great job, great penthouse in the city and a wealthy man. Underneath it all though she's still unhappy - her man is married to someone else and the job & apartment are empty without someone to share it with. Cue her guardian angel who offers her the chance to go back to her past to make a different choice which may affect her future.

    It's a nice film, festive and well presented - definitely good for that christmas feel good factor.

  4.  Pleasantly surprised


    This was an interesting premise from the start, a monster movie from the perspective of "joe public" who have no scientists, no military, no government input and absolutely no clue what is going on around them.

    Having the film done from a first person view was always going to be controversial and to be honest if you are unlucky enough to suffer motion sickness (which I do) this style can set it off hopefully the move from cinema to small screen will reduce that aspect.

    As you don't really see a whole lot of the "alien / monster" it's left to your imagination whats happened although there is a slight spoiler at the end of the movie that could explain it's origins.

    On the whole Cloverfield feels like it's setting us up for a sequel - a huge, big budget, filmed in cinemascope sequel - probably with all the scientists, military experts, government involvement and exposition that was missing from the film.

  5.  Good fun


    Mutant sheep rampaging over the New Zealand scenery - gotta love it!

    This film puts you in mind of early Peter Jackson (bad taste and braindead) with a light-hearted and less than serious look at the dangers of playing god.

    The film is quite graphic and gory in places but never outright scary. I would recommend it for those of us with an off centre sense of humour as it does descend into ridiculousness quite often.

  6.  Great for Kids


    I watched this with my two young sons (4 & 2), this film held their attention really well and they loved singing and dancing with the chipmunks (as well as the odd bit of toilet humour too). As an adult the high pitched whine of the songs was a bit distracting but all in all a good family film with a nice moral message. (Family is more important than the material goods in life).

  7.  Heartwarming Weepie


    As far as Christmas films go this has all the right ingredients. A workaholic is neglecting his wife and family and is firmly ignoring the christmas season spirit. His wife despairing of his attitude throws herself into helping out with her childs school choir to help cover for a sick member of staff. The teacher has her own troubles and her young son is running out of time to buy his mum the perfect christmas gift.

    It's a touching story but if you like your Christmas films to have a happy happy ending then this is not for you. It is moving though and will make you think a little more that the smallest gestures can make a big difference

  8.  He's definitely feeling the force.


    Like any well-trained and properly attentive girlfriend, I take my beloveds playtime requirements very seriously. So when he started dropping man-size hints regarding Light Sabers I dutifully took myself off to purchase one for him. Being a girl I'm not really up on the technical details but I thought that the purple one looked pretty ;-)

    The sabre itself is an extremely well made and presented item. The hilt has a lot of weight to it and is well balanced with the beam. It also doesn't look "plastic-y" as I'd initially feared. The rubber grip doesn't get sweaty and you can spin this round with the best of them. The beam itself is sturdy and can take a good knock.

    Sounds are very authentic and in a darkened room the light thats produced is very bright if not overly coloured. (more of a white light than purple).

    All in all it's a great item and at £49.99 (the price I got it for) it's a real bargain.

    The only trouble now is that he's set his sights on Darth Vaders 'saber as well - spoilt rotton he is!

  9.  If you want an honest opinion.


    This movie was a lot weaker than the original. It started off well enough with a small group of unifected survivors hiding from the rage infected "zombies" in an old farmhouse. One supreme act of cowardice from Robert Carlyle and we're zoomed on from the initial outbreak to 28 weeks later when the infected have died out and re-patriation is taking place overseen by NATO and the american forces.

    I won't spoil the plot and tell you how the virus re-establishes but from then on the film is pretty much - smash, grab and gross out images of people vomiting blood etc. The plot has great holes in it (why does the "chief zombie" ALWAYS know where his target is despite them driving, running and generally hightailing it away from him at every opportunity - did they change the T1000 by mistake?

    And there's the usual horror film watchers cry of "WHY - why would anyone, go there, do that, do they WANT to be eaten by the scarily eyed madpeople?"

    I know that, as with all 2nd films in a trilogy, they're setting up for a third film - but after watching this I was left sitting there thinking why? This could have been as good as the original but ended up as just another cheap thrill - shock'em with loud noise and scary music film.

    To be honest it's not a patch on the first and even as far as the Zombie genre goes it's not hugely differing from the plot we've seen a hundred times before in a hundred movies. (Well except for the fact that these "Zombies" run like hell, which is scary enough). I guess in the end they went for style over substance. Hopefully the third will go for an actual plot!

  10.  Great for small children.


    This is a lovely book, the illustrations are very well done and the story itself (told in rhyme) is simple and easy for young children to grasp. Good to re-read again and again (and as any parent with young children will know they like to be read the same thing over and over and over). I prefer this one to the Gruffalo itself. Highly recommended.