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  1.  cute


    first of, the animations and smooth and not terrible, although they do not meet up with pixar's quality. I could easily sit through it, although the dangers in it are pretty much predictable. Its one of those movies you will watch and feel happy, and if you enjoy it the first time you could watch it again and again, unlike a mystery movie. the humor in it wont make you laugh out loud, although you wont be able to stop yourself from smiling. there are some really cute scenes in there too, which have a real feel-good feel to it. I also found the end quite touching, or is that me just getting a little too soft xD enough said, kids will love it, all together an entertaining movie, especially if you like to watch things with animals in it (: will proberbly add to my animal movie collection, also, if your not entirely sure about it, i guess you could wait for it to go down in price a bit and you and your pocket will enjoy it a little more. good, cheap entertainment

  2.  A good laugh from start to finish


    I dont know what the last reviewer was after but all I know is that this movie was totaly hellarious! Its even better if you've seen the twilight movies. This is a whole movie of its own, forget about scary movie and epic movie, this is much better! couldent stop laughing it the cinema, well worth a watch

  3.  I dont see whats so good about it really...


    humm... what to say. well, first of all, all the reviews said it was really good but I disagree. this movie was pretty bad and the story line confused me and messed with my head. anyway, this was ment to be a two star but there was one funny bit in it and it was a little interesting in some parts and Dev went to my school but....all together not worth a watch. sorry Dev

  4.  ahh, the bud is back


    I got this movie last christmas and I still love it as much as I did last year, and boy, who knows how many times I could have watched it in a year?! there is just something speciel about this movie that makes you want to watch it over and over. its really funny and cute and its pretty well made too. this is deffinatly on my top 10 fav movie list.

  5.  oh my goodness


    this has always been one of my favirote movies ever since i borrowed it once. I have forgotten about it for a while, but now finding it here im deffanatly adding it to my christmas list this year. this movie is absolutly halarious and I recommend it to most people, as long as your not expecting saw 6!!!

  6.  Looooove it


    nothing much more to say than its a brilliant movie and everything is purr-fect about it!!! if you liked the first 1 I know for a fact you will LOVE this one!
    story 9/10
    animations 10/10
    jokes 10/10
    entertainment 10/10
    good job WB ;)

  7.  Under rated game


    Well, It is true that this game has long loading times, but not 3-4 minuites! always around 1 min, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the activity. But thats not important. Whats really important is the game play and grafics. And as soon as I began to play the first thing I noticed was realistic dogs. As for the game play, and, as the title suggests, this game is about dog sports. Just like it says It does exactly that. Races are challanging, the games are fun, and you can even teach them tricks and dress them up. I personally find this game pretty fun so I gave it a four star. I really think this game dosent deserve a two star just because of long loading times. three stars is a apception if you prefer a different type of game genre. If your a animal lover like me, I think you'll agree with me giving this game four star. I think this game though, does not deserve a five star, as It can get a little repetitve after a while and because of the long loading times. Overal I think this is a pretty good game.

  8.  BEST DOG GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


    Just like I said... BEST DOG GAME EVER!!!! nothing more to say really....oh and if you like dogs.... GET IT! GET IT! GET IT!!!!!!!!!!

  9.  humm...


    Yes, Its true... It makes your DS look cuter and more attractive but really? would you pay 5 pounds for a little piece of sticky plastic to stick over your DS? no really what does it add to your gaming experiance? Ok, its also true that I have this. But only because I found it in shop for 99p on sale. We'll, If you find a good bargin like I did, and you want you DS to look cute, then go ahead and get it, but not for a fiver... you will later regret it..

  10.  adorable!


    great game! a bit like nintendogs but with different verification of things. Breeding the dogs is interesting and playing with the dogs is fun. ok, I admit.. the grafics arn't perfect.