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  1.  was 4 star until it broke after 2 days


    i thought this was great for 2 days until the electric charge stopped going through the pads as i'm guessing the contact broke so it just shocked my skin instead of spreading into the muscle

    I had ordered another one so i could do two arms/legs together but i'll be sending them both back when that arrives. Absolute junk.

    however i have seen that these things work (muscle aching due to the workout) i will have a look at a better quality one.

  2.  My god


    I'd heard of the film title - assuming the apparently cult classic of '79 - but never seen it -

    l I saw this on bluray on Play for a reasonable price and decent star rating so bought it.

    I do have a fair collection of horror movies, but none touched the nerves like this one did!

    I have literally just finished watching it, on my own, late at night. There were points where I wasn't only cringing, but I was curled up, talking to myself, with the hood on my hoodie up on my head, only just managing to keep looking at the screen.

    The attack on Jennifer is just pure sick and probably shouldn't be legal to include in movies ... however the revenge she brings on the men later is also very sick and I guess should follow the same logic ... but I found myself wanting her to get her revenge.

    This film is as described, brutally graphic, and very sick. The last film to come close to having this effect on me was Eden Lake ... but it was a long shot from this!

  3.  Top product!


    I've had my cushtop for over a year now - and it solved my problem of my Dell XPS shutting down due to over heating, and burning my thigh beforehand.

    Its not a cushion, but it is very comfortable for using your laptop for long periods of time. I rarely store anything in it as suggested because things are normally either to small and slide out or is too large and won't jam in!

    Those who reviewed it as non-non-slip probably dont have rubber feet on their laptops - a flat plastic base will not grip on the material!

    My Dell has 4 rubber feet and coupled with its large 9-cell battery has great grip on the cushtop - probably about 45 degrees before it slides.

    I had a mate who laughed at it when I said what i'd bought. Then he used my laptop on it, and immediately ordered himself one!

    Cant beat it for the function!