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  1.  Nostalgia


    The gameplay of Tomb Raiders of old remains but with much better graphics. The puzzles are not too difficult plus now Lara drives vehicles.My only problem is the amount of ammo that I have to put pump into each leopard before they go down,

  2.  Tackling Fifa 2012


    Generally a good game. Tackling can be tricky though. Only had the game a few days and already I've accumulated more fouls than Eric Cantona and Vinnie Jones combined.

  3.  gimme a gun and point me in the direction of the bad guys


    I am not usually a fan of the shooters where you have a team and there's mission objectives as they can be too complicated. I'd rather they gimme a machine gun and point me in the direction of the bad guys. But I was pleasantly surprised with this game. Targeted enemies for air strikes can be tricky but the overall gameplay is good, not to mention driving some ATVs. An excellent 1st person shooter.

  4.  You had a black sherriff, so why not a black knight?


    Martin Lawrence is superb as the castle theme park employee who travels back in time and introduces medievil england to wrestling and soul music. If you like National Security and Blue Streak then watch this too.

  5.  Luv The Love Guru


    Another masterpiece from the crazy mind of Mike Myers. Continually hilarious with some great musical numbers from Myers and Manu Narayan plus the gorgeous Jessica Alba. Ignore the poor comments as people only seem to be comparing this to the Austin Powers franchise, even though this was way funnier than Goldmember. And probably because it stars Verne Troyer aka Min Me who incidentally has some great scenes with Myers and a funny outake after the film ends. If you loved So I Married An Axe Murderer and the Wayne's World movies you'll love this

  6.  The Ballard Of The Beatles Wallet


    A great wallet. As long as you aren't one of those people obsessed with a card window or zipped coin pouch then this wallet does what it says on the tin. Holds 6 cards and several more behind. Beatles fans will love it.

  7.  Excellent game!!


    Every game in the Splinter Cell series has been thumb numbingly addictive and this latest offering is no different. There are many reviews on here that state the controls need getting used to, which I whole heartedly agree with, but after a level or two you get the hang of it. The one microscopic niggle I have with it is I haven't accquire night vision goggles yet, if at all they're available. When you're in the shadows your enemies cannot see you but you cannot see much either which is a bit frustrating. Other than that this game is AWESOME and a must for any xbox collection. Especially at this price!

  8.  Half Life 2 raises the standards set by Half Life


    I haven't played Half Life in years so decided to get Half Life 2 having recently purchased an xbox 360. Half Life 2 captures the essence of Half Life with the bonus of improved graphics and gameplay. I loved half life and this game is even. You do however have to start the game with no weapons and when you eventually get a weapon it's only the crowbar, which is annoying but somewhat nostalgic following in the steps of the original game. I am currently on a level where you drive a Florida Everglades type boat and you can ram into the soldiers. The game is worth buying just for that. Buy this game, you won't be dissapointed.

  9.  The best the 80s has to offer


    Two of the major comedic actors of the 80s come together in this hilarious spy spoof. Chevy Chase and Dan Ackroyd stumble their way across Afghanistan and Russia as decoys secret agents! An overall classic

  10.  Fun in the fast lane


    A fun action packed ride with a climatic Mustang vs BMW car chase. A 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 (Eleanor) and the gorgeous Angelina Jolie makes this a must see for any lovers of car films.