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  1.  Good but not truthful to the book


    Like the 3rd installment this film tends to stretch away from the actual book - there are certain parts of the book that are I believe integral to the plot that are missing - there are also additional scenes not from the book that do not really make sense. The annoying character mentioned..is important to the film as it is a main part of the book..

    Overall a better film - Jim Broadbent is excellent as is Michael Gambone - even Daniel Radcliffe's acting has improved (not by much though) Rupert Grint once again demonstrates some great character acting...

    I was disapointed overall as the MAGIC from the book was missing and the film concentrated to much on the "love" aspect of it.

    I hope the fact that the last book is to be split into two films means they can make sure they include ALL areas of the book - parts that are required to explain the story as this in my view failed.

  2.  Great Sony System


    I have had this (from another supplier) since Christmas and it is an amazing setup - although mine did not come with the iPod Cradle (playback music & video)...

    A couple of points to not though - there is not enough scart sockets on the DVD/Amp meaning that if you did have a Blue Ray as well then this will cause problems in connection - I have a Wii and SKY HD box on it but that's all I can add.

    There is also a couple of annoying bugs in that when turning on the amp - for some reason it goes to "Muting on"...for no reason - although it will go from TV to DVD..it will not go from TV back to DVD...I have tried all sorts of combinations of setup but cannot get this to work..despite having a Sony Bravia TV which the entire setup is supposed to work flawlessy with...

    Apart from that great bit of kit and the wireless speaksers alone are worth it.

  3.  Good but not that good!


    There seems to be some OTT reviews of this product for me.

    Based on these I did buy the "game" and to be honest I am not as enthused as others.

    I have used this three times now since Friday on a 30 day program.

    Admitingly after this morning's workout my arms do ache and I feel like I have done something and yes the different exercises do make it more appealing.

    Although each day is different, the constant switching from using the "resistance band" and having to put the nunchuck into the pad is annoying..but NOT as annoying as all the "praise" that is given - I know this was made for the American market but blimey it doesn't half go on! - it is also very easy to "fool" the game into thinking you are doing the exercises - instead of jumping, I just moved from side to side and it thought I was jumping!...I also found the "speed" too slow..if I stood that long in a gym between repatitions my pulse would be taken!

    Personally i feel like I get a lot more of a workout from Wii Sport than the Sports Active.

    Burning Calories does not really convince me of anything - as doing 300 in 30 minutes is easily put back on with one bottle of water!

  4.  Don't believe the hype!


    Thanks to Play I got this game yesterday including the wii MotionPlus and quite frankly I feel ripped off - although the game is very good in graphics and "game play" - the reaction from the wii remote and the amazing wii motioplus is AWFUL! - having to rely on the "computer" to move your player is ridiculous - it's slow and cumbersome - a backhand reacts like a forehand and vice versa - I go for a cross court shot from left to right and it goes right...the player does not dive or even try to reach the ball and you get more fustrated than John Mcenroe - saying all that I played online last night and got thrahsed by a couple of people who have obviously picked the game up no problem at all - so maybe it's just me!

  5.  An improvement


    But still not great - the story lines are getting the "same" - the acting is improving but only just...rumour is that philip glenister does not want to do another series...even though the bbc has commissioned one...if he doesn't then they really would be flogging a dead horse.

    This is a lot better than series one although the charcters are not as strong and even gene hunt seems to be becoming a softy...i will buy it for collecting purposes..but thats all.

  6.  Low Budget Lock Stock Wannabe mixed with life on mars


    This is what it appears to be a very low budget "bank" job type film - quite a cleaver storyline but too obvious to work out. John Simms is hardly in it and the "chemistry" between him and Phil Glenister although still there is not used enough...I am sure this is why most would consider buying this. John's absense is also noticeable in the extras as well - not one interview!

    Interesting extras do show how a cheap film is made and does show some more interesting insights than the normal hollywood tripe that is provided.

    Overall a good film for what it is - Lock Stock it ain't but then I don't suppose it's trying to be...

  7.  Touch of frost back to it's best


    Watched these on tv and was looking forward to receiving the dvd version - sadly once again a dvd from play has gone walkabout.....

    But back to the plot - a few inconsistancies within the three episodes makes this not as great as earlier episodes (the change of hat for example!) - but still great story lines and the spark is still there for dj.

    Still wondering where series 13 is though?

  8.  Quite good.....but


    the putting is terrible - getting to the green is very easy - swing, hit, ball lands etc - but try to put? - even a little tap in seems to require "full" power...as anything below and the ball just dribbles a long - having to point the controller straight down is also cumbersome and quite painful on the wrist!

    Overall not a bad game - graphics seem ok - and I am looking forward to playing online -

    Great service from Play as always game ordered on Wednesday, arrived on Thursday!

  9.  Difficult yes - but not impossible


    I was really looking forward to this - and have to say I am disapointed at some things but not others.

    The control system is annoying - why they couldn't be consistant is beyond me - the diving is pointless as is the table tennis (I cannot see through graphics) and sadly the Judo which I was looking forward to.

    The running events are difficult but coming from an era of button bashing this is to be expected - some of the sports are realatively easy - Javelin for example and even the swimming...the worst part is not knowing when the gun is going to go off..but then that's part of the sport.

    As for PC controllers - I thought the same thing that mind did not work so I did buy a 360 controller only to discover the same problem...so the controllers do work - just not very well!

  10.  How can they be cheating THE FANS?


    Even though I have not got the game (but am thinking about it hence the review) I cannot understand why people would moan about a game that is obviously about ONE topic - AEROSMITH!

    Yes unless you are an Aerosmith fan then it might not appeal - but isn't that obvious giving the title of the game?

    As for the comment of "cheating the fans" - if you are a FAN of the band then surely you would know more than 3 of their songs?