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  1.  Read part 1 first!


    If you are buying this book, it is important to have bought part 1 first as you are following on from where is ended.

    This book is a lot quicker to read than the first as you know the characters and the plot is coming to the peak. It's every bit as enjoyable as the first. The plot is unique and diverse, as is the whole universe created in these two books.

    A must read for any fantasy fans. I now await the second book as this is a series. I can't wait!

  2.  Couldn't put it down


    I found the start of this book a little hard to get into however, once I met Kaladin, I was already hooked.

    The interesting antagonist was immensely fun to read about as well at the descirptions and illustrations very intriguing and helpful. I enjoyed this book a great deal and was excited to get to the next. I was lucky to have bought both at the time, knowing full and well I'd end up buying it anyway.

    A very good read.

  3.  Amazing isn't a good enough word.


    I read this as I loved his other book Warbreaker.

    The characters are people who you want to succeed and through every plot turn, you are on the edge of your seat, rooting for them. The plot is well thought out and absolutely unstoppable.

    I finished this book in 3 days, I couldn't put it down. A must read for any fantasy fans.

  4.  You'd be a fool NOT to read it!


    I am a fan of all things fantasy, but this was something else entirely. I rarely try new authors but I was absolutely blown away. The characters are people you feel for and the plot is well structured that you can't help but reading more.

    This is now classed in my top 10 books ever, a must read for anyone who enjoys Patrick Rothfuss and Peter V. Brett books.

  5.  Fantastic game!


    I bought the first Naruto Ninja Storm and was obsessed with it. Was playing it for two years since was out. This surpasses all my expections which were pretty high to begin with. The characters playable are great, the ultimate jutsu's are sticking with the original story line and also the awakening modes. I cant praise this enough. It's a must buy for Naruto fans.

  6.  One of his best


    For anyone interested in the Spanish Civil War and the politics of that time this is a must read. Writting from his own experiences of serving in an Anarchist Militia during the Spanish Civil War, Orwell perfectly highlights the real flaws in Communism and the true differences between Communism and its ideological rivals socialism and anarchism.

  7.  Captivating


    Incredible and intelligent read. The chapters between the main stories are pure genius with social comentary far ahead of its time. As such a widely acclaimed novel in America l was really suprised at the references to socialism and anarchism written in a time it would have been dangerous to do so.

  8. Stray



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     Loved this!!


    I was very skeptical about this book but because of the comments I read on this series, I gave it a try and now I'm addicted. I've read all the books in this series and eagerly awaiting the next book. For anyone who has read Kelley Armstrong, you will just love this.

  9.  Great Sequel


    I loved this!! I read the Painted Man and was delighted by how quickly I was absorbed. This was one and the same. I couldn't put it down. Cant wait until the next the one.