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  1.  One of the best film and underrated films of 2011


    This film isn't boring at all, people that say that are just spoilt and ignorant!. I was shocked on how good this film is when i went to see it. Its action packed with monsters babes with guns and weapons killing dragons, Nazis etc with a really good plot and reason why the film goes in to a fantasy world of adventure oh and a really good twist at the end what more do people want!!

  2.  Brilliant a must buy!


    As good as the iphone 4 with out being able to phone or txt any other type of device only to another apple device.

    Able to watch free view channels.
    Can play GTA 3 as good as the PS2 and Fifa 12 which is only 69p off itunes.
    Do most things a pc can do but in pocket size!.
    Battery life is not great but you do get an usb charger!

  3.  yes buy the dvd! it is so badly grainy!! from start to end!.


    i really don't belieeeeeeeeeeeve it! really enjoyable film but like the other reviews it was so badly grainy that i think Rambo looks just as good! and that's over 30yrs old!. I want to know why?. why is this blu-ray transfer so bad?. wonder why its dropping in price! cough cough!.

  4.  Filmed in not so Great Yarmouth now i know why!


    Very poor film, very rushed film and to mad to weird acting from start to finish. Film could of been better if who ever made it could be bothered to make a good film.
    Just watched to see what bits was filmed where i live!. Which i am planning to move away from.
    I like to thank Danny Dryer for taking the time for his autograph and shaking his hand, I hope he does well in the future and make more cockney villain films and steer a way from places like Yarmouth it will just ruin your career mate! :D.

  5.  Robin is funny as ever!


    really enjoyable family film kids and adults that have been grown up by the 90's entertainment humour (like home alone and mrs doubtfire) will love this film. who cares about the transfer!. its got to be good quality any way as it was made in 2006. your be laughing so much you want even care about the quality of the picture quality!.

  6. Gamer



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     NOT one to avoid!...a C.O.D fan film!


    really good film bit better then 300, proper blokey film!. C.O.D fans will at least like this film!, as its very similar to modern warfare. plenty of sex and violence. only thing i didn't like hence the 4 stars is the fat man pretending to be a women scene (er!) and the big black man from "every 1 hates Chris" was a poor baddie but the guy from Dexter was a really good bad guy!!.



    WOW.....epic film 1 of the best HD quality blu-rays out now!....just 1 warning films is on nearly 2hrs 30mins....so don't plan to watch this if your tired!..like i did ...because you don't wanna fall a sleep like me and miss even a minute of this!...even if heath didn't past a way....his performance was epic...which made the film an epic!...he was the missing part from batman begins!

    HD QUALITY: 10/10
    HD SOUND 10/10 and ive just got nicam sound from the telly!....so if you got speakers.....you lucky....lol


    oh ha ha i only paid 7.95 brand new on here! lol ;-D (got play.com to send you emails, so you don't miss out!)