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    To start with, 5 games on one disk.. not only that, metal gear games.. not only that.. 3 of them remastered in HD.. WOW.
    the metal gear series is and always will be the greatest games of all time, there the reason i got into gaming! but i wont review the games themselves (although they are all fantastic... INCLUDING SON OF LIBERTY) but the ways they have been remastered.. so ill start of with
    at the time of the release of this game the graphics were the best you could find.. the character models and surrounding were visual gems, and the HD edtion of this game really is worth going back to, it looks really sharp and just a great game to play still. aged every well, and the hd collection version includes some of the extras which were in the substance version so this was a great game to go back to..

    As with the 2nd the graphics were amazing when this was released, and again with this the graphics have been transferred extremly well, and also includes features of the subsistance version, including the new camara system (which is an AMAZING edition) and 2 extra games (the original msx Metal gear and metal gear 2: solid snake)

    Personally i think this is the gem of the collection. i was realling interested in seeing how well they could transfer a psp game into a HD screen, and i wasnt expecting much.. but they have done a fantastinc job with this. playing this again on a big screen really did add to the fun of the game, possibly the longest of the metal gears which easlily can eat up 100+ hours.. the graphics in this one really lok like it could have been made for console gaming..

    OVERALL:... 10/10

  2.  The Pinnicle Of Television!


    The title says it all.
    the show is incredible, there isnt a single series that dissapoints. the charactors are fantastic and the storys are compelling. the twists and turns are shocking and supprising. not a bad thing to say about this show 5*

  3.  Season 5


    It took me 2 viewings to really appreciate this series but after the second, it really does impress. the writing on this show is amazing, along with the charactor development. it brings slong with it the most amazing cliffhanger to any television event ever seen.
    A must own for any lost fan

  4.  FTW!


    An absolutly great movie, this movie easily earns the oscars it got and more. fantastic!!

  5.  Zombie Galore


    Personally my favourate zombie themed show ever. great stuff with some good acting! xD

  6.  Rubber


    A film about a tire that kills people... need i say more!

  7.  Finally!


    being a massive fan of the games, the films never seemed to hit the money for me (as with most video game adapaitons) but this seems to go more to the root of the franchise bringing the chris/claire storyline alone gets you closer to the games, but then ya throw in wesker and some crazy dogs and you get the sense that the films are going in the right direction. i just hope that if theres any more films to follow then they bring some more of this to the table xD. 5/5

  8.  My personal favourate!!


    This film is soo underated its quite unbelievable. it should be considered one of the greats along with the shawshank redemption and the dear hunter. the story may sound confusing at first but the direction is great and the writers have it on the money. great twists all througout the film with a very emotional finale. a must buy. 5/5

  9.  fantastic!


    a perfect world is a manhunt drama about a escaped convict who takes a young boy hostage but ends up befriending him. very emotional sory with a sad ending. would definatly recomend giving this your time. 5/5

  10.  Suit Up!


    i love how i met your mother. having being a mad friends fan for the pat 4 years i wasnt overly keen on seeing this (due to the simularity i was expecting a copy) but after kinda getting bored of friends i gave this a go and must say its better. the charactors are so intriging and funny it makes you want to watch another episode as soon as youve seen the last. and its something completly new, i love story in reverse, briliantly though out and superbly funny. 5/5