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  1.  At last! an adult racing game! great!


    I own both the Xbox and PS3 and the Mrs owns the Wii. I never buy games for the Wii as i always see it as a bit gimmicky. This game changed all that for me. Ive been waiting for a new F1 game for ages and i didnt want to wait till next year for the Xbox or PS3 versions.
    Ive got to say i expected an arcadey F1 experience with this, with the grandstands full of those stupid Mii's you see in every other game on the Wii, but how wrong was I. This is simply superb, the graphics are actually decent for a Wii game (expect PS2 standards and you get the picture) and is by far the best game graphically ive seen on the Wii. The gameplay is just as good, it has quick race, weekend, championship and even career mode. It cannot be faulted. The menus are clear and precise and there are awards to unlock.
    But the gameplay itself is simply outstanding. I wasnt expecting much if im honest and debated getting this but its simply addictive! The wheel works wonders, steering response is fast and braking and accelerating is taken care of with the buttons. It takes a bit of getting used to, but if you dont have the money to afford and next gen console and ultra-spec steering wheel like a Logitech, then this more than gives you a rewarding driving experience. I actually use the wheel that came with MarioKart and simply bought the F1 game on its own.
    There are weather conditions that change mid race, damage, a very good radio pit crew and a real feeling of immersion when racing. Dont expect next-gen type graphics or detail, but dont make the mistake of thinking this is a kids game either, its not. It more than satisfies the adult racer and it keeps you wanting to go back for more. with Beginner, medium and expert difficulties its a real challenge. Throw in full qualifying, pitstop and hard and soft tyres and this becomes (in my opinion) the best racer on the Wii by far. If you have been humming'n'arrghing about getting this then i can only say 'take the plunge. Its well worth it and a fantastic racer. Codemasters have done an excellent job here!