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  1.  Demo


    I echo the thoughts of others that found this initially frustrating but then after a while it seems to just grow on you.

    In previous versions it was far too easy to defend but now you have to work at it and master new skills in order to stop your opponent and create chances. The timing of your challenges is crucial, you have to get it right and if not be prepared to be beaten by the opposition. The result of this makes the overall gaming experience more satisfying than ever!

    It seems to flow a lot better too. Substitutions used to do my head in on FIFA 11 when the game would stop and go to a cut scene but now they happen instantly and quick throws and free-kicks make it much more enjoyable.

    Really looking forward to the full game coming out. We're going to have to learn a few new expertise this year, gone are the days when people can just hold two buttons and defend against you at will, it's now a skill of its own!

    Bring it on!

  2.  Looks Great and Plays Great!


    After reading other reviews I decided to download FIFA 08 and give it a try for myself seeing as the majority of people seemed to be rating it quite poorly.

    Firstly, the people moaning about the controls changing, you can change them back to the FIFA 07 ones by going to game options so that isn't a problem whatsoever! Infact there a two new set-ups to choose from too incase you don't like the old.

    Secondly, the people moaning about can't shoot properly, can't pass properly etc, thats because FIFA 08 is a challenge! I don't know about anyone else but I found the 07 version a bore when playing against the AI. It was too easy! I'd play on the world class setting and win 4-0 and finish a season on maximum points. Wheres the challenge? FIFA 08 promises so much in terms of having to work to win your games! Its no longer just a case of pressing the run button followed by the through ball, you have a lot more to think about this time around. You have to build up play by passing and moving and then timing is everything, but depending on how pressured you are it might not always go your way. Just like real life then, no?

    Players no longer bump in to each other and stop, control and first touches are a lot neater and faster, players actually jump for headers and challenge for the ball and if a player can stretch a foot out to stop the ball he'll do it instead of just watching the ball roll past him or go out of play!

    And best of all, you actually get a feeling that if you don't take your chances you might even lose a game because the AI are no longer non-exsistant in attack, they threaten you in a much more realistic manner.

    Overall F'08 is a much improved game, yes its similar to 07 but alot of the little niggles have gone or have been perfected, and there is now the addition of a lot more teams and leagues! There are more features to be released yet, including the skill moves etc, so if your after a vastly improved FIFA 07 and a challenge to win the Premiership or take Huddersfield Town up the leagues this is definitely your game!

    If you want to win every single game with ease then choose either 07 or possibly Pro Evo, although PES does also promise a lot so it will be interesting to see how it does.

    FIFA 08 for now though is a must buy for me!