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  1.  Got to say BEST OF PS3!!


    Well guys i have played the first one and i have to say that it was amazing. Since the first got me so hard i had to buy the second one and that i must say was the most well spend money on a game at the moment. The story is what we would expect from the naughty dog folks amazing and it grabs you from the start to the end and after the end you would want to play more off course. Now about the gameplay is similar to the first but mostly improved, the moves and the combat are more fluid and get's you fast. The graphics i dont even have to talk about them the prices that the game won speak for us all. Now the multiplayer part is mostly rewarding since you can extend a large amount of game-time and the entertainment is good as well. It works based on a levelling system as more level you get more customs you get but nothing that would make you wana crush the remote against a wall for losing to them. Now to end this if you wanna try i must admit go for it you want regretted but if you new to the series play the first before this because the story on this one makes more sense after the first.

  2.  Very good


    I believe this game to be a must buy type. If you like adventure, ruins, bandits, and treasures you are goin to love it. When i begin playing this game i felt in the begining the need of adventure, when you need to know what's goin to happen next it just grabs you to it and you cant stop playing it. Very good game in fact i only feel it's too small so you wont play has much as you like, when you realized you are allmost at the end off the game.

    It's a must buy for PS3!

  3.  humm


    The story off this game is a mystery until you begin playing a bit further and beggin to understand what is really goin on, so i can say from my part i liked the story it's interesting. The gamplay is not bad it has a minor faults but nothing that i can actually point out sometimes you cant control very well the caracter but the gaming experience it's pretty cool. At the begining of the game you dont have much off powers so it's get's a bit borring the worst part off the game it's definitely the side missions they are allways the same. As for the graphics it's nothing amazing you get some details and some things but most of the game could be work more to get more detail off the console itself.

    For thous who are looking for a free explorer action type it's good, the story grabs you and some part that you just wana know what is goin to happen next, but be ready because the first hours off gameplay are goin to feel a bit booring playing until you can get some off the most good powers.

    p.s. Dont forget on playstation store you have a free power to get to your collection, just go there and download it. It's not overpower and will get you killed iff you try to use many time especially if you try to pass the game on hard mode.

  4.  Amazing


    I have to write something about this game, i borrow it from a friend i had allready seen some videos and it looked good so i decided to try it out. I have to say for a game off a super hero like batman it's remarkable good the graphics are very detaild, the gameplay is very fluid and the action it's pretty impressive to it feels like your batman himself. I dind't explore much of the chagelles but for what i see it's gets you a few more hours of gameplay trying to beat your records. As for the single player mode it's pretty good, since your start and dindt's expect none off that would happen inside a prison and you begin to face old opponents and review a big part off them. You the riddle chagelles whitch is fun trying to find them all in order to see what will happen.

    For thous who are thinking in buying it go for it it's a nice game that will get your attencion for some hours and if you are a fan off batman i assure you, you will not get disappointed.

  5.  Amazing


    If you like fps then you got to have it for sure, i played the first one and i had heard this one was amazing so i decided to buy it and try it out. The story line is good nothing extraordinary but it get's to you well, the action is top one. The graphics are well work out it's only a 720p but most of the games are anyway. Now the real deal is the multiplayer part. You start with a small rank cant even create a clan, have a class just a simple soldier nothing else has you go for it you evolve get classes abilites and your role on the battlefield only depends on you, if you choose to be the perfect sniper on a medic in the heat off battle or even a lunatic whit a bazoca. The maps are well worked out and in some you really get the feeling that your in a middle of a war, it gets sometime lag but the most off the time you be trying to kill anyone to even notice that.

    So if you thinking in buying a fps i greatly recomend Killzone2 for any ps3 user.

  6.  Not Bad Neither Good


    I bought after i try it so i can try the online gameplay.
    Bad points it takes ages to install as all know off it and the graphics adjust are just terrible you go to options and it's very limited so most users cant play decent on it unless they got a nice computer to run it. I also try the online gameplay a bit i must say it's cool in first few minutes after that it's a casual gameplay for me at least.
    But for those who like the series of GTA it's a nice game but not the best!

  7.  Nice game


    I got to say this game it worth the money for it!
    For those that are thinking in buy it go for it because it's the type of game that grabs you from the begining to the end. The story is well made and for those who like this type of game it's awesome as well in graphics as for game playing.

    Go for it!