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  1.  this could have and should have been so much better


    I loved Origins, it was epic. It had the story and the depth, it had the characters, it had the humour, it looked and played great and its easy to see why its such a loved game among fans. In short it had everything Dragon Age 2 didn't. Yeah it looks great and the fighting system has been stream lined so that its easier to pick up and play, especially for newcomers to the series, it has some great 1 liners between the members of your party. But one thing that is unforgivable is that it has no story, it has no depth. Whether it be the characters or the world your playing in your left feeling with a hollow impression of the game. The characters are shallow with very little in the way of pesonality, pretty soon your playing with the same members in your group everytime because the other ones annoy you so much that you can't bare to use and start to wonder how they even managed to get the go ahead to be included into the game anyway. As for kirkwall and the freemarches, you have no real areas of exploration, the city feels confined and the areas outside soon feel repetitive and overused. Your forced to re-explore the same areas during each act which quickly bored the living daylights out of me.
    The game is full of so many bugs that on more than one occassion i was left with missions and tasks in my journal that i could neither start or complete and I got so stuck in some places that i had to restart from my last save more than once. Some glitches i can understand, especially if a game has been rushed out like this one feels it has, but bioware has such a good record with previous games that they must feel that they have let themselves down and i can't help but think that EA has had something to do with it. On the whole the game has the feeling of that of DLC and could very well have been acceptable as content for origins in the way that awakenings was. I will play DA3 if the make it and hope that it will be epic, mix the fighting system from 2 witn the size and granduer of Origins and they'll ahve one hell of a game. I'd advise fans to play it simply because they'll need to to get the story and not feel too lost in 3.

  2.  why i won't give it 5 stars


    Lets face it, in todays games story is pushed to the back in favour of online gaming, we've all seen it in the Call Of Duty franchise and I think this is something that needs to be sorted, I like a good story to get my teeth into. Continuum Shift delivers a deep story along a range of characters, unfortunately it can be dull and boring adn the decent humour on hand just can't lift it. The saving grace is the other game modes that are on offer, arcade mode offers great accessibilty and with beginner active even novices won't find it hard to string together a decent combo while button bashing. And for the more hardcore gamers out there the challenge mode offers a supreme test of your skills.
    The graphics are crisp, smooth and efficient without being out of this world while the gameplay is fast and frantic with excellent responsiveness. The voice acting and the sound track ar both superb. Add all this together and its easy to see why Blazblue is regarded so highly as a 2d fighter, worth the money your going to spend on it but let down slightly by the long winded story

  3.  Perfection


    Samuel L Jackson lends his voice once again to afro, this film is incredible, brutal and touching all in the same scene. Very good voice acting and brilliant animation makes this a vital purchase for any anime fan. The clarity on the blu-ray release is exceptional and if you can get this release over the standard dvd release, must buy.

  4.  Pure Awesome


    Everybody expecting a medievil mass effect should be warned, both by bioware but thats where the similarity ends. This is near perfection, great story and re-playability with 5 different endings and 6 different origin stories. Worth every single penny your going to spend on it. Just hope there's more DLC in the months to come.