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  1.  Do you want to complete GTA 100%?


    If you wish to complete GTA 100% this book is for you. It has everything you need to do so:

    - Detailed walkthrough of all the missions.
    - Map locations of Health and Armour.
    - List and locations of all hidden weapons.
    - Entertainment joints found (Bars, Shops etc.)
    - All pigeons and stunt jumps found for you.
    - In game knowledge of how to build relationships with different characters in the game.

    There are many more useful hints and tips inside this book that make this game more enjoyable than it already is!

    Overall this book is well worth the price as without it you will not complete the game 100%. But even if you don't want to complete it 100% this book is a great addition to the game of the century!!!

    *if you have used cheats in the game you will not be able to complete it 100%*

  2.  Bargain!!!


    Some classic tunes on this album from a talented artist! Is there anything Will Smith cant do? A great summer album!

    A rare error from Play.com is that they have not shown the complete track list! There are 3 more tracks on the album:
    13) Wild Wild West
    14) Nod ya Head
    15) Just the Two of us

    Hope this helps.

  3.  Still Going Strong!


    I am not supprised this game still has 5 stars as it is a truly great playstation 3 title.

    The creators of this game show everyone you dont need violence / bad language to achieve a really great game! The story line is great fun for all ages, with some nice humour all the way through! And the graphics aren't bad either! The detailed characters and colourful worlds look fantastic on a HD tv!

    They have even added a use for the six axis controler, where you have to stear while your flying which is a nice addition.

    Overall i believe this is a great ps3 title which is fun for all ages! Would recommend to anyone who has previously played the rachet and clank series or games like banjo and kazoi and the lego series.

  4.  Army of Two


    Firstly, this is one of my favourite games on the ps3. It has everything you could want. A exciting story line, fantastic graphics and great gameplay!

    The story line is gripping all the way through, it even makes you laugh along the way due to the fantastic TWO main characters. You can even praise or beat up your mate which is a nice little touch.

    How people can say that graphics are poor is beyond me! You either have a poor tv or need your eyes tested as the surrounding areas and the cut screen videos are truly satisfying!

    Overal i rate this game very highly even though it is a third person shooter and would recommend to anyone who is a shooter fan!

  5.  Best Game of 2007


    Frazzel, you dont buy pc games to play with a mate on single player. To me that seems very odd as that is what consoles are for. So how you cant give 5 stars for the best game of the year because of no co-op is sad.

    Anyways back to the game. This game is out of this world. I have played all the cod series and i have to say this beats all! I was worried what to think of this game as i read all the forum posts to the build up of the game and it seemed very similar to bf2142 but it is ten times better! I have yet to play single player as i buy pc games for online play! The multi-player is nothing that i have experianced before. Public is a bit lame (like any online game) but when you play scrims with mates etc. it is mind blowing. The wall banging brings so much fun to the game as you cant just sit still and wait (like cod2). It is more fast pace and the wepons are great fun to use. If you own a decent PC you MUST own this game.