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  1.  Truly great


    This is a truly great album what is well written and performed. The Goo Goo Dolls have set a bench mark that anything they have released since will be compared to.
    Although nearly 14 years old, this is a fantastic album that has not aged a day. Most will buy this because of the bands most popular song, Iris, but will be left loving every track

  2.  Great graphics, poor game


    A game like this relies mostly on the story line and story telling, I am about 5 hours in and have no idea what is going on! Yes, I am a fan of the old final fantasies, and i think this is the only reason I have played it for so long. People say on these reviews it gets good after 20 hours... why should I have to play a game for 20 hours before it gets any good??? Also the battles are far too easy, Ive not lost yet.
    On a plus not, the graphics are fantastic, truely remarkable

  3.  Well worth £13


    Fantastic comedy series that has received little recognition. This had me literally laughing out loud with its witty humor and political incorrectness. Great casting and writing ensures this will be a cult classic in years to come

  4.  Fun for 2


    This game is great, if you are playing against another person.
    The mini games will keep you entertained for a few hours, but building up your ranking takes many hours and you cannot enter the big tournaments until you are rated top 100. Its obvious that they have tried to make the game life alot longer than anyone is really willing to play and the gameplay does suffer for this as you end up winning every match easily.

  5.  The greatest game of all time... ever


    Every genre of game has its pinnacle. FPS has Halo, Strategy has C&C, and RPG has Final Fantasy 7. This is, hands down, the greatest game every created and will most likely never be toppled in my eyes. A bold statement, but this is the sort of game that defines a console, and whenever anyone mentions the ps1, i think of this.
    A great story and gripping twists and turns along the way, this was one of the first games that allowed you to chose what you did and when. Real freedom in a game that had been lacking before. I would reccomend this to anyone who was unsure of whether they would enjoy the RPG concept and had 100 or so hours to kill.
    Rumors are that there will be a remake for the ps3, but unless the leave the story alone and dont change a thing other than the graphics, then they are wasting their time. This game is a true testament to the ps1 and should be kept in its original format

  6.  Something different in a football game


    If your looking for something a little different in your football game, then this fits the bill. Ultimate challange allows you to take on some of the challanges the real clubs do. Such as having 45 mins as Liverpool 3-0 down against Milan. or 3 mins as man u agains Byern 1-0 down. Also, in the career mode, players will leave without you having control and the board room will make decisions you cannot go against.
    All in all, this makes from more entertainment and harder challenges. if like me, once youve mastered a game, it never gets played again, then this is worth a go

  7.  Grows on you


    I bought this game about 5 months ago and played it once. After about 20 mins I was too frustrated to carry on and the campness of one single character was enough to make me want to throw my remote through the tv.
    However, I picked it up again a couple of nights ago and decided to give it a fair run... and im now 8 hours in and thoroughly enjoying the game for what it is, an easy to follow RPG that doesnt make the story line too difficult or complicated and allows you to battle easily without having to understand a complex system of equipping certain items.
    The game itself if about an unlikely hero who's quest it is to save the world while making friends and enemies along the way.
    The battle screens work very well on a grid basis and the fact that if you are defeated you have the option to try again immediately is always a bonus.
    Its hard to talk about RPGs without mentioning Final Fantasy. I was a massive fan of FF7 and in my opinion, this game will never be topped. But it is unfair to compare these games. Enchanted Arms has its own story and plot that has thus far been enough to keep me going along and not get bored and the more you get into the story, the more you want to play it.
    Another note is the use of the sixaxis. This seems very much an after thought for the game as was a gimmick they threw in. The Mrs has looked a bit shocked a couple of times to see me violently shaking the remote at the tv in a game that doesnt seem to have a need for it, but no game is perfect!
    All in all this is an enjoyable game with a decent story and worth a punt to anyone who is a fan of the genre

  8.  Worst film in years


    This is truly the worst film I have seen in years. Its racist on a level that I didn't know they could get away with (not like blazing saddles, that was funny), the jokes aren't funny, and its just not even well directed. If your 12 and like harrold and kumar, then this film is for you. If you don't have the mental age of a 12 year old, then give it a miss