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  1.  A Tale Of Two Halves


    Pronounced 'management' this is the debut LP for New York based MGMT. The album is sort of space rock and influenced heavily by David Bowie amongst others.

    I downloaded the album on the strength of seeing them at Glastonbury and everyone going ape for them.

    The album is a very good one but is very much front-loaded. The first 5 tracks are highly enjoyable but of the remaining 5 tracks only 'The Handshake' really stands out for me.

    It's worth getting purely for the first half of the album though which is flawless. The other tracks aren't bad ones, I'd just put them into the average - good category.

  2.  Inspirational Genius


    It's hard to believe that I am only the second person to review this album!

    I can confidently say that if you like your indie music then you will absolutely love this. Fans of Arcade Fire, for example, should purchase now without hesitation.

    It's one of the best albums of the decade comfortably. At first it may seem a little daunting due to the length and number of songs but stick with it because Sufjan consistently writes absolute gems.

    Highly recommended.

  3.  Boxing Clever


    A more focused effort than Alligator, The National's Boxer was one of 2007's best. I caught them live on this tour last year and I have to say they are truly one of the best live acts I've ever seen. Matt Berringer's deep, baritone voice is just stunning.

    This album is definitely more polished and cohesive than Alligator . A special album by a very special band. Can't wait for their next effort.

  4.  A Standout Album of 2008


    To be perfectly honest 2008 hasn't been a particularly good year for music thus far. Fleet Foxes debut LP arrives with a lot of hype, and it turns out deservedly so. Folk music is currently having a massive impact on the indie/rock scene since the likes of The Magic Numbers, Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine came to the forefront.

    Fleet Foxes add some Beach Boys harmonies and the lead singer has a wonderful voice, sometimes reminisent of Jeff Buckley in my opinion. The music is experimental at times but always backed by strong harmonies. The album doesn't have a weak track and remains interesting and challenging throughout.

    One of my favourities of the year so far.

  5. Third


    Portishead - CD

    12 New from  £5.98  Free delivery

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     Goodbye Trip Hop


    Portishead have rightly moved on from their trademark 90's trip hop sound and developed their music into this haunting record that is proper indie - and therefore unlikely to satisfy you if you're into the Kaiser Chiefs.
    It's a filthy record that is actually difficult to describe but if you REALLY like music, then you'll fully appreciate this.
    A thoroughly interesting album that I am only just starting to uncover after about a dozen listens.

  6.  Hello Klaxons second album


    A major let down. It sounds exactly like the Klaxons, even the pointless and emotionally void lyrics are similar.
    The interesting guitar work and horn arrangements are the only thing worth listening out for.

  7.  Just Another Top Notch Album From SFA


    'Hey Venus' is very much 'more of the same' for the Super Furry Animals. After a slightly experimental last outing, they return to form here with an album packed full of melodic hooks.

    It's one of those albums that you can confidentally say there isn't a weak track.

    I would say it doesn't quite pack the punch of their debut Radiator or Rings Around the World but those two aside this album is easily as strong as anything else in the SFA collection.

    Well worth purchasing.

  8.  Astonishing


    I bought this album following some of the excellent reviews it received in the music press. I think NME gave it 10/10...
    I was not dissappointed. This album now tops my favourites list for 2007. I would describe the music as being somewhere between Radiohead and Mogwai with a folk music twist. If you like either of those bands then you'll love this.
    The song writing is consistently breath-taking, the lyrics spot on and the overall atmosphere is captivating.
    This band should be massive and it's a crime that people don't get involved with bands like Gravenhurst just becuase they haven't heard of them.

    Take a gamble on this record and you will not regret it. It is absolutely superb.

  9.  Another Great Effort From Modest Mouse


    Not quite as good as Good News For People Who Love Bad News but nevertheless this is another stellar album from Modest Mouse. It's a lot more 'pop' than GNFPWLBN but I think the introduction of James Mercer from The Shins on such songs as We've Got Everything' and my favourite on the album Missed The Boat only helps the overall sound of the album.
    This should turn out to be one of the best albums of 2007. Thoroughly enjoyable.

  10.  Second Album Slump


    Editors debut album 'The Back Room' is one of my favourite British debut albums of the past few years. 'Munich' is an immense song that was perfectly suited to Tom Smith's baritone voice. On 'An End Has A Start' there seems to be genuine ambition to further the bands sound however unfortunately it ends up sounding over-produced and at times a little naff. The jangling guitars begin to annoy as early as track 4 'Bones'. British bands have had a tough time of it lately with their second releases, just look at the examples: Razorlight, Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs - and you can now add Editors to that list.

    I'm seeing them live in October and I do like them as a band, but this album has to be considered very dissappointing and had my reaching for my copy of The Back Room.