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  1.  Flawless game for a flawless console!


    Well I grew up playing these games, as well as such classics like GTA and Resident Evil.

    But these games were my favourites simply because I followed the Anime series as I grew up. I'm thankful this has been renewed for our modern day consoles. As a present I bought this for my brother and we destroy our opponents together now!

    Obviously being old games they are not perfect but they are nonetheless flawless entertainment for all ages! Updated HD graphics, gameplay a little confusing but easy to get used too, and insane sounds, it's a blast!

    Although a hefty price for these games, you must realise your purchasing two games in one package.

  2.  As the rest....it's a CLASSIC!!


    This series follows the discovery and rise of one of the most famous villains in Anime/Manga history.....Cell! As well as following the rise of one the most famous hero's in Anime/Manga history....Goku's son Gohan!

    This is a fantastic series, full of loss, suspense, heroic action and sacrifice! Many moments leave fans who follow the series with happiness, entertainment, sadness and the urge to see more!

    This is all but worth 25 pounds for around 5 hours worth of film! And I cannot wait to finish off my collection when the next seasons are released here in the UK!

    I recommend the entire series of the dragonball z universe to anybody's ever growing DVD collection.

  3.  Good but wears away


    I have had this item for less than a month now, and to be completely honest I have mixed reviews about it.

    It's a great shirt overall, however give or take two washes or more and the printing on the front of the shirt begins to fade and come off.

    secondly it doesnt look as bright as that of the colours shown in the picture. But the colours are still ok in general.

    Overall a good t-shirt, but limit your usage of it as I have otherwise it will be a blue top over the next two or so months.

  4.  Slowly melting!


    I love the Ice-Age franchise as does my family, the kids enjoy it fantastically and it leaves them in stitches.

    This new addition does exactly that once more, however I feel this movie is lacking something but I don't know what, maybe it's just the thought that the franchise is slowly losing course and becoming it shouldn't be but none the less it's still entertaining!

    Scrat, Manny, Sid and Diego are still amazing and touching characters, they have always been the trademark of the film and I'm glad they stayed with these characters for the fourth film. The story is cliche once more but it doesnt matter because this is a well made animated movie.

    I'm just not sure what else they can do with this franchise as ideas are now becoming slim, this will lead to a meltdown if done wrong for future releases, as pirates that is probably the lowest of the ideas so I'm hoping the makers have something up there sleeves to entertain us with in the next installment.

    Overall verdict:
    A still great family franchise, family movie, still provides unforgettable characters and emotion. A must watch for any youngster and many adults alike.
    Rating: 7/10

  5.  Good but not great!


    Quite simply lets face it, the Amazing Spider-man is a different spiderman film in itself, set in a different marvel universe therefore it cannot be compared to the first three Sam Raimi Spider-Man films.

    So firstly opinions based on its own independency it is an OK film, no it's not fantastic but it's still entertaining enough to watch, it has created the steps and now the next film will have to dive deeper into it's characters and story to really make a GREAT movie!

    The story is quite cliche really however due to the action you really don't notice as much, the characters are surprisingly 50/50, you'll either love them or you'll hate them, however I enjoyed them. Peter Parker (played by Andy garfield) was well portrayed and he did his homework, however I found this Spider-man to be very childish rather and not having a connection with adults too although this may change in later sequels. Gwen Stacy (Played by Emma Stone) was portrayed also very well, proved to be a likeable and at times humourous character. Dr.connors (The Lizard-Played by Rhys Ivans) was portrayed amazingly well, possibly the best actor in the film, he always manages to play a decent villain, whilst portraying innocence as well as anger is pretty awesome.

    There were too many plot points taken from the original spiderman so therefore it will not feel like an original in itself, but it was still entertaining enough to hold its own.

    comparisons between the two different Spider-Man films:
    My opinion is that the first two Spider-Man films were far better than the Amazing Spider-Man, through cast and story as well as action sequences. But that's just my opinion, i still opt you all to watch the latest edition of the marvel universe but don't expect great things from this movie because the originals were far better!

    Overall Verdict:
    The Amazing-Spiderman may not be a great movie but it stands up on it's own two feet and makes sure it is heard, a great cast and some good action sequences makes sure you don't get too in touch with the story as thats where the movie lacks depth. Although it has many ideas for possible sequels lurking in wait.
    Rating: 7.5/10

    Other films related:
    Spider-Man: 9/10
    Spider-Man 2: 10/10
    Spider-Man 3: 7.5/10

  6.  Silly but still entertaining!


    Right three things!
    One: If your expecting a Dr Seuss successful movie, then think again.
    Two: It will probably entertain the adults more than the kids.
    And Three: It still a good family movie!

    If you take this film seriously then you aren't going to enjoy it, but if you fancy having a laugh and just want to watch the film then you'll enjoy this as i did.

    The story is very cringy so obviously this will not work with Dr Seuss fans. It's Cliched indeed but it still provides. But with some funny scenes and acting you kind of forget the plot and just go along with the movie.

    The acting is better than average, Mike myers I've always been a fan of and although it's not his best piece of work, adults will enjoy him more if they have seen his work in Austin Powers because he relates some scenes to his characters from those films and old acting. But he is still a very scene stealing character in this movie and thats what makes the acting much better.
    The two leading kids in the film, obviously Fanning being a hollywood actress and the boy being known for Disney stuff, it doesn't create much chemistry but none the less if you don't take it seriously then you'll think nothing of it.

    However kids will enjoy this no matter what because theres plenty of phyiscal comedy which relates to all children, my brothers and sisters adored the cat and continue to watch this film near enough every day.

    Overall Verdict:
    Not very well thought out, doesn't really connect to the franchise of which it reprises from, acting is slightly over the top in most parts however Myers is steal a scene stealer. No enough child laughs but more focuses on the adults which is rather strange for an almost child like film.

    Not so serious-
    Plenty of laughs to keep you entertained, story cliched but you'll forget about it, acting better than average when not thought too much about and Myers is definitely the man to play the 'Cat'. Overall family entertainment that will leave you entertained noen the less.

    The Cat in the Hat: 7/10

  7.  comedy of the year? yeah why not!


    I didn't know of the franchise before this movie so base my review on what I experienced on the movie and not on what I know of the franchise itself.

    So from the movie the characters (Tatum and Hill) are police officers who end up screwing up on a normal job and they are then sent to work with Ice cube in an undercover programme. The film starts with laughs and action as well as minor background notice of who the characters are.

    The fun starts when they are assigned to High school to find the leading dealer of a new drug being dealt around. With Tatums experience with popularity at their old high school he tries to teach Hill how to fit in with the popular, with Hill succeeding more than Tatum which then leads out to testing their friendship, the very partnership on the job as well as testing how they feel about their previous lifes in high school and what they could have now.

    It is a very good movie, great charisma from the leading pair, great script, it doesn't take itself too seriously and just has fun with what their working with. The action scenes are both great and hilarious at stages and this is what an action comedy should be.

    Also there is a cameo appearance by one very legend of a man and believe me he does not dissapoint :)

    Overall Verdict:
    Great laughs, great action thrills, great acting, great chemistry, great script. 21 Jump Street does not do any wrongs but rather many rights and creates a visual experience that anybody will or should enjoy.

    21 Jump Street: 8/10

  8.  All out war! What a way to go!


    I saw this in the cinema only a couple of days ago and have to say I was a little worried because third movies in franchises tend to be worse than the previous two. However if anything to go by this is not better than the Dark Knight but it is definitely on parr with it.

    So story, still a great story and Nolans team did very well to think about future developments of the Batman, such as his physical weakness now due to so much physical activity before the Batm,an retired. Introducing a lightning quick, full rolling tank of a villain called Bane was always going to be the best choice especially with the man who plays him (Tom Hardy). He proves to be one of the most memorable villains in the trilogy (just behind Heath Ledgers Joker). catwoman was always going to be a hard role to fill but Anne Hathaway pulls it off very very well, if anything she is the best catwoman portrayed in a movie, she provides Batman with both shocks and thrills and this is exatly the kind of catwoman needed in this movie, but also with her stories of why she came to be and as to why she does the deeds she does.

    Each character has enough depth to back them up although I would have liked to have seen Robin but that would have proved too much for one film, however I could see Joeseph Gordon Levitt portraying Robin in a possibly spin off film? Please Nolan.
    Both Oldman, Freeman and caine provide the best supporting roles obviously because they are their characters! Introducing the character Miranda Tate to the movie was very risky but it by the end of the movie you feel honoured she took part and that she does prove worthy to the story.

    But based on enjoyment this movie is a war! Bane vs Batman! cops vs inmates! Rich vs poor! It has so many different action Scenes that the last hour or so is all out war between society. Yes it starts off a little slow in introducing Batman again but think realistically and understand why it starts slow and you'll get your spirit pumping. Many scenes will give you goosebumps and I will not spoil any of them! But the action is top quality, the story is top quality, the cast is top quality, and finally the franchise is down right legend! And the end is an amazing tribute to the legend that is Batman!

    The ending scenes are AMAZING! How the story fits the ending scenes is very well thought out by Nolans team. But how everybody moves on leaves both answers but still offering so much more based on potential sequels (Nolan and Bale have stated they would be glad to make a 4th film, so who knows?), possible catwoman spin off film? And the best question is shown at the end end scene but I don't wish to spoil this as it's worth the look :) Thankfully they did not spoil this potential question with any added credit scenes as there were none so it still leaves the question rather than the answer.

    Overall verdict:
    Stunning piece of movie making, although not better than its predecessor it is definitely on parr with it, this provides more action thrills and introduces some memorable characters and performances. As well as the potential for so much more from Nolan and his team, this is a very very well made movie indeed. You will be entertained by this thrilling tribute of an end to one of the best legends ever made!

    Batman Begins: 8/10
    The Dark Knight: 10/10
    The Dark Knight Rises: 9/10

  9.  Great!!...but repetitive


    I'm a big fan of the first prototype game and had an amazing amount of joyment out of it, however it did end up very repetitive and i stopped playing it, with the occassional time should i get bored of the other games i own. So I was hoping they would learn of this mistake for this game...it didnt.

    Yes Prototype 2 has a wide range of new enemies, the abilities are limited this time round and the gameplay is just as repetitive as the last game. But it still is enjoyable, limit the amount you play it or otherwise you'll beat the game quickly, you'll lose your enthusiasm for the game and you'll just completely give up on playing it.

    I got the game primarily out of the fact that you had to beat the vigilante from the first game Alex Mercer, but even when there was a climax to the ending mission it just didnt feel like there was anything there to ignite my spark for excitement or to ignite the grudge between the two lead characters. Also the last mission is the only real test of the game, the other missions were far to easy for my liking, and then this final fight seemed to upgrade in difficulty.

    The makers of Prototype should have learnt a lesson from the makers of Assassins creed and there evolvement of assassins creed 2, it wasnt repetitive, had a great story, and most of all it was enjoyable throughout the entire of the game.

    This game still beats infamous anyday, but the makers need to improve on the third game (fingers crossed) because there is too much repetitivity within the two games.

    Prototype 2 has a great premise ready for the third game, however it did not learn from mistakes. The game is reasonably enjoyable, has enough of a storyline, great gameplay and controls.

    Prototype: 7/10
    Prototype 2: 7/10

    I suggest you stick with the first prototype as you gain more out of it, but thats just a suggestion. Or at least wait until the price for the game drops because it really isn't worth 24.99.

  10.  Entertaining!


    From what I saw from the trailer this looked like it had potential, then came the reviews and this wasn't rated highly so I lost interest. It then randomly came on my tv and I thought what the hell I'll give it a go and you know what it was very entertaining.

    Story: was quite cliched but with a likeable lead and stunning action sequences you forget the story and just enjoy the movie.

    Characters: great characters but again a little cliched, however I did enjoy both the lead who plays number 4 as well as the girl who played number 6, they suited the characters well and truly fitted into the film. The bad characters were that of the evil aliens, they really went child scary rather than dark scary (one scene proves this but I'll give no spoilers).

    Potential sequel: with the premise this movie has a sequel would be relevant just to see how it could end in a potential third film. I myself would be interested in seeing 2 additional films. This movie has alot to offer and fingers crossed we see more.

    Verdict: This film offers alot of potential as a sci-fi however it also lacks story but it proves well enough with it's likeable leads and thrilling action sequences to maintain a very well made movie overall.

    Rating: 8/10