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  1. Miike Snow

    Miike Snow

    Miike Snow (Mike Snow) - CD

    23 New from  £4.44  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Album of 2009 for me...


    Such a great album, every tune is well thought out, and not just a filler. This surprised me, as I had only heard the song 'animal', and thought it might be a one track wonder album..... boy was I wrong!

  2.  Great!


    I have had no problems with this game, as described by the people below me. The replays are fluid and there is no lag whatsoever. I did install the patch though before i played it so perhaps their problems were before this.

    I havent been able to play online yet, as it is currently down. So i cant really review that part of the game.

    The offline game is a feast of enjoyment, the players animations have been improved, and the actual style of play feels familiar but with those annual tweaks that we have grown used to.
    The graphics have improved significantly since Pro 6, and you really notice the changes in lighting. The graphics are not as good as FIFA however, but that has always been the case.
    Just to inform anyone who is put off from buying Pro evo because of the lack of team names and kits. There is a patch/option file that is being finalised by a group of modders that will replace all of them with the correct names/kits etc (one of the main advantages of having a PC instead of a console : ) )

    Dont be put off by all the FIFA fanboys or by the fickle so called fans. Every year that a new Pro Evo comes out, you hear a lot of negative comments. This is because Konami like to tweak the gameplay so that things you may have done before, may not work now. This year the emphasis has been put on passing, with the AI punishing players who try to maradona it through the opponents!

    £17.99 is also a great price!!

  3.  Cant wait!


    I am sorry noot1969 but you cant claim to say the graphics are not very good when your graphics card is a mid-level card.....there are far better cards! and 4 gigs of memory means nothing if its a cheap value brand.
    Anyway, that aside......beta's are beta's, you can only comment on the potential of the game because there will be alot of tweaking that will need to be done before release, hence the need for a beta!
    Really can't wait for this, from what i have seen it looks very good and hopefully will make up for the dissapointment of Halo 3!

  4.  The best deal I have ever seen!!!


    If you dont have any of the above items, this has to be the best deal in the whole world!
    The two books alone are worth about £20, and you get the original WOW and the expansion.
    Well done "play.com"....keep up the good work!

  5.  Its alright....but its not the best example on the market!


    If you don't like the idea of subscription then this is a great entry into the MMORPG genre. However this is not as immersive as other games that are in this genre. Just to warn you, you are only with other people in the server when you are in the main citys. When you leave the cities, you are alone unless you invite a group to go with you.
    Guild Wars is worth the money, however i recommend you to buy World of Warcraft instead, its a much more polished game, which allows you to interact with everyone while playing. Anyone whos says different is lying. Ok, you have to pay £9.99/month to play, but i bought it in January and havent bought any other game since, so ive saved myself a fortune.
    To round up get Guild Wars if you are tight-fisted! otherwise...look around : )