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  1.  Cyrus Does It Again With Style!!


    I have owned a Cyrus Amp for 15 years now, with complete reliability and extremly satisfying sound performance. When I saw this amp/speaker 2.1 combo, at this price, to me it was a no-brainer (My Cyrus Amp cost me 600 notes new, 15 years ago, and believe me, it's worth every penny!). I must admit, a Cyrus 2.1 System, for 30 quid - I wasn't expecting very much at all, to be truthfull. Boy, was I shocked when I opened the box. Finished in Piano Black, this little system looks great! But that wasn't my only surprise. When I plugged in my BlackBerry Bold, chose a Floyd track from The Division Bell, switched the Cyrus Amp 2.1 speaker system on and hit the play button, WOW!! The strength of the bass nearly blew me into the next room! This Baby has got a knock-out punch! And the treble is so crisp and clear. I could hear each pluck of Gilmore's guitar, as if he was in the room with the band playing live. I was, and still am gob-smacked. I've played a variety of music, from Nickleback, to Clapton, to Mozart, to Hendrix, to Sinatra, to Pink Floyd, to the Beatles, to Pearl Jam, etc... With a slight adjustment to the treble and bass of course. How can Play sell this system for this price?? If I saw this package in an Audio Shop for a hundred and fifty notes, I would be very tempted to buy it then and there, seriously! I'm not saying it is equal to my 600 quid Cyrus, but is not far behind (And my 600 quid Cyrus didn't come with any speakers!). I'm hoping to get an i-pod 160gb classic for my birthday, or if not, Christmas, so that I can take full advantage of the remote control, which by the way, is ok but nothing special, but for the price I can live with it. To be honest with you, I have a good, multi-function learning remote control, so I don't really need the acompanying remote, accept to program it with. This Cyrus package can be used with my computer and with my tv too, so I've bought a second, and may well be buying a third one at this price, for the bedroom, just because it is such a bargain. I might just buy a forth to use outside for barbeques. Top marks to Cyrus, yet again, and full marks to you Play.com! A well earned FIVE STARS, AT LEAST! Don't waist any time - buy one! It'll be the best 29.99 you'll spend this year! Or maybe even this decade!! (P.S. I can't believe how many !'s I've used, but Cyrus and Play deserve every one of them!)! ***** !

  2.  Rolled Gold is absolute Rolled Gold!


    Fantastic album! I've been looking for this double album on disc since the birth of cd's. It's always been a favourite of mine since it was first released on vinyl, and a great first album for anyone wanting a taste of what the Stones have been doing since their dawn of time. I am not a huge fan who has collected all of their albums, but I do have a few (8). I started with this double LP first off because I had heard most of their hits on the radio and from friends, and this had their hits plus some I'd never heard before, but grew to love. There's not one song on this compilation I haven't grown to love, but if it's just their hits your after, this is a lot cheaper than buying all of the cd's with the tracks you want on them! I rate this album Five Stars *****

  3.  "A Great Little Performer!"


    I bought this as an alarm clock and for something to play the music on my BlackBerry Bold from and I must say, it's a great little performer and well worth the price, (I bought mine from play.com earlier in the year on a one day special offer of just 15 pounds). I use it in the bedroom as an alarm clock, but regularly take it down stairs to listen to it in the kitchen or outside well I am sitting in the garden. It produces a nice clear sound and can be turned up quite loud without any distortion. The radio is nice and clear, whether I'm listening to music or talk. I truthfully didn't exspect it to be this good. I have an expensive sound system in my livingroom and I don't like listening to "cheap sound". I don't know how it can be made and sold for this price. It's an alarm clock, a clock, a radio, and a docking station for i-pods or any mp3 players, with a GREAT SOUND. My only niggle is - the remote control could be better. Dispite that, I'm buying a second one so I don't have to keep unplugging the one I have in the bedroom, and bringing it downstairs to listen to. Oh yeah, it's small too, so it doesn't take up too much room or get in the way. Buy one! You won't be disappointed! 5 Stars!



    I've owned my BB B9000 for a year and a bit now and I'm nothing but pleased with it. It's the best phone I've ever used for texting. None of that bloomin' tap tap tapping I've had to do in the past with my SE.C902, P990i and other past phones. You can create your own additional dictionary words and phrases. For example, you can type in the letters LY, for instance, and it could type out: Love you (whoever),xxx, or anything else that you would want to create in short-hand. What a time saver!
    There's an app. that allows you to write a text message and set it up to send to one person, (or any amount of people), at whatever time and day you want it sent,ie: when you may be asleep and can't send it.
    It has a very clear screen, which is a good size too. The keyboard appears too small initially, but you do find a certain part of your thumb that connects with the keys, and soon your able to type quite quickly. At first, I thought there was no way I'll be able to use them, but I was pleasently surprised!
    I am going to by my girlfriend a BB B9000 to because of BlackBerry Messenger which is free to use between BlackBerrys. Bonus!
    My only gripe with this phone is with the battery. The phone does have a thirst for them. Play.com does sell excellent spare batteries that are identical to the original, and at around seven pounds they are very affordable! I've bought a couple of them and since then, it's not been a problem.
    It's a great all round phone and I am planning to keep mine for a long time. Well done RIM, for an excellent BlackBerry!

  5.  Equal to the original battery


    I bought this replacement battery the other side of christmas and after the second or third charge, it's behavior was and still is equal to the original battery that came with the phone. It is, as far as I can tell, an actual BlackBerry battery. My only wish is for a larger capacity battery as the BlackBerry battery in the Bold 9000 doesn't last that long compared to other phones I've owned in the past. Five stars though 'cause it works as it says on the tin.

  6.  A "Stonking" bit of kit for your spare battery!


    I received the battery charger in a couple of days. It charged my spare BlackBerry Bold battery in 2 hours or less via the phones charger. You can also charge using a standard usb cable. Very tidy design. A valuable addition to my BlackBerry accessories and I take it with me in the car where ever I go. The BlackBerry Bold has a hungry appatite and carrying a spare battery is essential. My only quibble is that it didn't come with its own charging cable. Other than that it's STONKING!

  7.  BazzleMcMoose Never uses anything but the best!!


    I've used sony memory stick pro duo's and I thought I'd try the San Disk Ultra II Memory Stick Pro Duo, and I've stuck with San Disk ever since! They're fast and reliable, and cheaper too. I recently bought a canon sure-shot and I'm using San Disk SD's and they're 100% reliable so far. I wish I had shares in the company!!

  8.  A "Must See" for Sci-Fi Action fans.


    Read the other reviews and they didn't do it any justice. The pace of this film keeps you on the edge of your seat. Vin Deisel was made for this role, like Arnie was made for Terminator. I didn't see an immediate link to Pitch Black the first time I saw it, then realised it was Jack, and pretty much just Jack. The special effects are stunning and the imagination of the writer and director, was amazing. This is one STONKINGLY fast-paced film! I've lost count of how many times I've seen it. Just writing this makes me want to see it again tonight. Watch it for yourself. It'll never age,(But then again neither will I). Five Stonking Stars!