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  1.  Still funny.


    A second volume of diatribes about everything wrong with modern life is as sharp and biting as the first volume.

  2.  You're terrible Muriel.


    Terrific film but saddled with an average disc. Having no extras is one thing, but releasing the disc with a cropped fullscreen transfer is another, taking us back to the days of VHS. Fans of the film should get the australian special edition, which has extras and is in the correct widescreen ratio.

  3.  Ideal for Dahl completists.


    The first book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a classic, but the sequel, Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, isn't, lacking the charm of the first book and featuring more of Roald Dahl's dubious racial characterisations (a chinese character says "ten o' clock tlain no lunning today"). Dahl was apparently planning a third book before his death but on this evidence it's probably best the idea never came to fruition.

  4.  Fun but not memorable.


    The film that made a star of Jason Statham and its first sequel. Both films are enjoyable but kind of forgetable and not in the same league as co-writer Luc Besson's own films like Nikita or Leon. The extras are decent, if as lightweight as the films.

  5.  What have the Romans ever done for us?


    After 2 previous, underwhelming releases, UK fans finally have the DVD that this classic deserves. From the great restoration to the extras, this is a must have.

  6.  He says he's not dead.


    An excellent release for a comedy classic. The film looks better than ever thanks to the remastering, while the animated menus and the extras are brilliant. If you like the film then you should definitely buy this.

  7.  Uneven


    Ambitious and opulent, but finally flawed epic. The sets and costumes are stunning, while there are even good lines of dialogue and standout performances from Rex Harrison and Roddy McDowall. But the film is dull in places. The presentation on DVD though, cannot be faulted. The best extra is the 2 hour documentary which is better than the film.

  8.  Terrific genre hybrid


    An unusual blend of adventure, epic, horror, mystery and romance which amazingly, works. You will not have seen a film quite like this. The film is presented with 2 audio tracks: the original french with optional english subtitles, and an english dub. While the english dub is presented in Dolby Digital 5.1, the french is only presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo. Extras on the disc are the theatrical trailer and an 18 minute interview with naturalist Michel Louis about the real life 'Beast of Gevaudan'. Also included is a 24 page booklet. While these extras are welcome, this still does not compare to the special editions available in other countries (notably the 4 disc ultimate edition in France) and you end up feeling short changed by this release.

  9.  You can't kill the boogeyman


    John Carpenter's classic is given great treatment by Anchor Bay in this 2 disc set. The only flaw with this release is that there are no subtitles.

  10.  Cigarette?


    A great show that has been given fine treatment on DVD. Definitely a must watch.